Thursday, 19 June 2014

We Have Our Own Gingerbread House

Isn't this the cutest little house you've ever seen? Here's the side view.
And this is the big house where Karin, Martin and James live. 
This is James. He's 15 months old and gorgeous.
Karin and Martin are architects and took a long time to decide how to fit out the small space inside their guest house. Here's the living room, kitchen, dining room and part of the bathroom. Note the large TV above the window.
Here it is from the opposite corner.
The couch is also our bed and the linen is hidden in the back.  There is actually tonnes of storage space and it's quite amazing how it all works. We have decided to leave the bed made up and we've also doubled the table size and there's still room to walk around.  There is an issue with the bathroom however...
If you look at the original photo of inside you'll see the area over the sink is open. This cleverly allows light in from the window at the side and also means the same sink can be used from either side. There is a door and there should be an electronic screen that comes down here to make the bathroom and the rest separate so that some things can happen in private. Sadly this screen broke before we arrived and Martin was supposed to get it fixed.....he didn't and today is a public holiday.  Garrie was trying to add a towel screen, but gave up. However we have managed, TV, singing or walking outside allows sufficient privacy. Haha! Oh and this is our attic.
Another person could sleep up there.  This is also the view from our dining window.
It is lovely and quiet up here. We are surrounded by green and the birds are wonderful, though note to self probably not the smartest thing to move from the biggest apartment of the trip to the smallest in one hit!  Oh I did say "up here" yup I'm good at finding things up hills and stairs.
It's a pull but doable and given this is yet another country with chocolate as a staple food. This is the real tower
This is the chocolate version.
It's as well we have a hill.  Really think I prefer Swiss chocolate to Belgian chocolate, though I'm going to have more tomorrow to be sure and NO Bonnie there are no naughty things made in chocolate here.  So today we wandered around Lucerne which is lovely and clean and the weather Gods continue to be wonderfully kind to us.
The water is so clean and clear, which you may be able to see on this next photo.
These beautiful wooden bridges cross the river and are decorated throughout.
So time for lunch and this is where we think may be good to go.
The beer of the day is so good! It's swiss and we took the name and bought some later for here.
Ditto this rose! Made here in Lucerne.
The food was also Swiss and fabulous. Sausage for Garrie with rosti.
A beautiful vol-au-vent for me filled with chicken and mushrooms.
As well as being very lucky with the weather we keep finding public holidays and special ceremonies. Today is a public holiday here for Corpus Christie and as part of this we have been hearing regular cannon fire since 8pm last night. Today we were lucky enough to see the cannon brigade being withdrawn.
We followed them to where they met and were given a drink each and then they headed off as a group then the Swissi Guard came out also to eat and drink in celebration.
Then a band passed by.
Back to seeing Lucerne.
You'll notice there are swans everywhere again. I clearly liked this building as I took several views of it.
We visited the famous city walls and were fascinated by the working clock.
This is Mt Pilatus, Lucerne's very own mountain and we hope to take you there one of the days..
We also visited the city's famous "dying lion" memorial and were amused at two different stories told by two different tour guides...This tells you more but basically it commemorates the massacre of Swiss guards in France during the French Revolution. It was created in 1820-21. Mark Twain called it "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world". We think he is right.
We also visited the Alp diorama today which was very interesting and I took this photo in there. How big do you think this recreation is?
Answer at the bottom. Go on guess a bit more.  Having the lake and the mountains must make this one of the world's most beautiful cities.
Oh and it is quite like Amsterdam in the bike friendliness. Even the trains and buses have special sections for bikes! And the bikes are included in traffic lights. So again we see many of these bikes used for carrying children groceries, whatever fits..
And there are bike racks everywhere.
Our host even rides her bike up that hill!

Oh and I keep forgetting things so here are a few catch-ups.

Forgot to say yesterday that Swiss trains are sooooo quiet!

Garrie's sniffles disappeared in about 24 hours but he still claimed he had "the man flu" and thanks NOT Linda for telling him it is true that men suffer more with a cold. If you haven't seen this YouTube it's a classic.

Oh thanks too for those I know are REALLY reading the blog who let me know about what was a deliberate mistake when I called hydrangeas, rhododendrons. (Though perhaps there are more readers out there and you just don't know your plants).

Finally the answer to the size. About 8" x 5" in the old language in total and just look again at the detail including the very tiny clocks. Auf wedersen for now!