Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Venice - it ain't half hot mum!

So we ventured out last evening to enjoy the cool air and realised that the sun is setting earlier here as we are further south. Dark about 9.30ish but still light by 4.30am. We walked to the Rialto bridge and I took a couple of pics.
Totally lost on our way home but we did find the leaning tower of Venice.
St Marks was starting to light up and three bands were entertaining their guests and passers by but alas we could not stay up for full darkness.
We woke to another perfect, ( if a tad too hot) day. Nice view from the window!
We are loving our apartment but yesterday it was quite warm when we returned so we needed the aircon but today we were smart Venetians and closed all our shutters leaving the house in darkness.  (Pardon that pun.) We headed out before the tourists arrived and watched the locals work.
We know to put our garbage out between 6am and 8am for collection and there are strict recycling rules.  We were headed back to the Rialto Bridge but going beyond it to our favourite of all tourist attractions - the markets!
It's great to be back to sorting our own food again and here is our market haul
We bought more at the local supermarket last night and Garrie whipped up a spectacular omelette with tomatoes and pancetta, and breakfast this morning was fresh fruit, muesli and yoghurt. We also found an Italian sparkling rose we both love - very easy to drink and a steal at €4 a bottle ($6).  The shellfish are scampi which Garrie has not tried before. So food packed away we headed for St Marks but the queues were long and our Museum Pass doesn't include St Marks so we skipped it for the Doges Palace. http://palazzoducale.visitmuve.it/en/home/
This was the home of the political leader and also the place of Government business.  Signs suggested no photography but many were ignoring them so I snapped a couple to show you the incredible opulence.
Every ceiling seems more opulent than the last, it's simply stunning.  Some of the views out of the windows aren't bad either.
We also cross the famous Bridge of Sighs so named as the prisoners taken across it knew they would not be returning.
Something similar to this may have been their last view of free life.
The prison area is harsh and you can only imagine how painful it would have been to spend your last days there.
When we return to St Marks square we find a shady place on the side near the restaurant with the band and enjoy our home made sandwiches, the prosciutto is to die for.  Oh and Mum, there's no feeding the pigeons anymore.
Then we head for the Vaporetto as we are yet to ride the Grand Canal. These water buses run regularly and we've purchased passes so jumping on and off is a breeze.  Here are a few snaps from the trip (San Marco to. P'ia Roma.)
Dog enjoying his trip.
This is a water bus.
Though some are brave enough to use their own steam
Here's the back of the Rialto Bridge (I'm hoping for a better one of the front)
Whilst up at the other end of the canal we worked out our plan for catching the train on Saturday and then caught another water bus back to the Rialto Bridge which is the closest water bus stop to home. On the way home we pass this guy. Note the water sprinkling down over the coconut and grapes - great snacks in the heat. We don't think it's as hot as yesterday but probably still in the 30s.
So home now for our siesta (blog writing and rise quaffing) through the worst of the heat. Later we will return to see if we can visit St Marks today or maybe it will just have to wait for tomorrow. Ciao! Xx