Sunday, 15 June 2014

Trains and boats and Bellagio

It's been a big day, with walking, two trains and two boats and we are now in Bellagio. Was it worth it? What do you think?
I'm sitting looking at that whilst I write this blog!  This morning we rose to the full moon near St Mark's as a farewell present.
We also loved the scenery along the way today. Our first boat was a Vaporetto ride from the Rialto Bridge to St Lucia railway station, and you already know that's scenic.  The first train journey took us to Milan (or Milano as the locals call it.) we both had window seats and Garrie laughed when I tried to clean the windows inside and outside before we left. (Italian train interiors are clean, the windows are not!) here's our high speed train, and don't you love the recycling bins for passengers as they leave!
Garrie happy in his seat.
Bye bye Venice.
The landscape started with flat farming lands
and then the hills started to develop.
 I missed some good water shots but high speed trains are just that!  We are so missing out in Australia by not having these trains. We also see solar installations everywhere 
Oh and I loved this sign. (Obviously created for the male of the species and translation not really required)
 Also made a new friend.
Our second train takes us from Milan to Varenna on Lake Como.  It ducks through tunnels on several occasions and suddenly we are next to water.
Look at the bottom of these cliffs and you'll see where the roads and railway go into the cliffs.
And so we arrive in Varenna and it's a short walk from the train to the lake.
Our next ferry is a bit larger than the Vaporetto and also carries cars.
We take a 15 min ride, enjoying views of Varenna as we go.
Garrie spots this chapel and thinks it might be fun to visit
Might need our climbing gear. Yes that tiny speck in the middle.
And so we arrive in Bellagio.
Our host, Anna, picks us up in her car and we arrive at our new home. The storm that has been brewing all day is arriving so I don't stop for photos outside, but even with the storm you can appreciate the views from our living room and balcony. This to the left.
That, by the way now looks like this, as the storm has passed.(larger lens shot)
This to the right.
And this straight across from us and can even be seen from the kitchen.
So we are well pleased with our day. We walked to the supermarket under umbrellas provided here and Garrie has cooked up a storm of gnocchi with pesto sauce and some lovely meat and a salad, though he did chase me from the kitchen as he was cooking it.
Yes I stopped writing this to eat...and now we are sitting at the balcony door, enjoying a cold glass of bubbly prosecco in a lovely cool breeze (welcome after the heat of Venice) and watching as the light dims.  We think we'll be very happy here for the next few nights - don't you?