Monday, 16 June 2014

The Final Post - A Few Highlights and Stats 2

TWell our bags are packed, just brekkie and we are on our way to Dubai airport.  What an incredible amount of memories we have created.  So we decided to put one last post together with a few statistics and some of our favourite places.

Time Spent 
Left home 10am 29th April, Returned 2 pm 29th June - 61 days and 4 hours approx. (yes I know we aren't there yet, but should be roughly right).

Kilometres Travelled
Home to Paris return about 35,700km plus
Paris to Paris approx. 5700km 
Total = 41,400km.

Countries Visited
8 - France, England, Wales, Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy & Switzerland

6 - French, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Arabic

4 - Euro, Great British Pound, Swiss France and the UAE Dirham

Modes of Transport (in order of kms)
12 - Planes, Trains, Car, Walking, Barge, Ferries,  Bus, Bicycle, Cable Cars, Cogwheel railway, Tram, Funicular

Favourite mode of travel - The Lake Lucerne Ferries.

Favourite Places
Lucerne, Switzerland.
Scottish highlands
Lake Como (Bellagio), Italy.
Lynton and Lynmouth, North Devon, UK

Worst moments?
When the train turned into a tram in Brussels and we knew we'd made a mistake. If it looks like a tram, smells like a tram - it's a tram! Even if it's on railway tracks.

When my tooth broke.

Scary Moments
Cheryl and Garrie - taxi rides in Amsterdam and Brussels
Garrie - outside St Paul's, Cliff Walk at Titlis and anything that included heights and outside air.
Cheryl - things that involved plunging down steep mountainsides in small vehicles attached to thin wires

Where we'd go again
UK - still so much to see
Lake Como, ditto above plus a wonderful place to relax.
Switzerland. I still need to see the Valais sheep (below) and we want to take the kids to the Swiss transport museum and we want to see more snow and do more walking
And visit Mt Pilatus...

Been there, done that, ticked that box.
Paris, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, Venice, Dubai

Most Expensive Places
Lucerne then Venice

Blog Statistics
69  Posts
2000+ Photos (approx. have taken about 3500 and definitely not all loaded to the blog)
37 Email subscribers
2560 Visits (non subscribers)
Countries of visitors - 10 - Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Germany.

What we'd do differently.
- take even less with us.  OK we may have needed more of the cold clothes if the weather turned against us but we could definitely manage with less clothing.
- do more research before leaving and in some cases more pre booking.
- we know what kind of places we like now so booking via Airbnb would be even easier, definitely views, washing machine and room to cook properly. Far prefer apartments to hotels.
- a shorter time frame perhaps. 6 weeks.
- staying longer in each place.
- being fitter before leaving home.

Things we bought to go we loved
- Our Kathmandu gear was great esp. the shirts and pants and the cases.
- Our GPS system.
- Our beaut little mobile phone.

What We Will Miss
The food
The Beer of the Day
The Church Bells 
The daily surprises eg this amazing waterfall

Accommodation and main Trip sites
If anyone wants specific places I have them. Some we would do again for sure.

Thanks Tina for pushing me to do this blog as I'm sure we wouldn't remember the half if it without it. 
Thanks also to everyone who has joined us on this journey, it's been great to have you along and we've appreciated your emails and comments.

Now we know you are all going to miss the blog. So we have decided we could sacrifice ourselves to more travel, so simply message me and we'll send you the account details for your donation and then we can do this all again soon...

Love and hugs to you all.

A bientot, bye for now, tot ziens, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen. Cheryl and Garrie. Xxx