Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Storm, Menaggio and the Garden Of Villa Melzi

Last night ended in a summer storm and I had a little fun with my camera for this shot.
This was the reality and most of it missed us.
Today was cooler with mostly grey skies but no rain so we jumped on a ferry
And headed to Menaggio. It went via Varenna, our arrival town on Saturday and I couldn't resist a couple more pics of this very pretty village.
Then off to Menaggio.
This is just another of the places you can stay around the lake.  It's also very pretty.
We chose a restaurant near the water.
And I try my first, and last, Campari and soda. Yuck.  Pizza was much better.
We enjoy a lovely stroll on the water front 
We also sorted out our bus for tomorrow's expedition, but more about that tomorrow...then we head back to Bellagio. We live up and around to the left of this green hill
And the Gardens of villa Melzi.
The property once belonged to the Count Melzi and has it's own chapel and extensive gardens full of exotic bushes and trees.  Garrie loved the big trees. To gain perspective look for the people in this one of the giant sequoias and the car in the picture that follows.
It is famous for its azaleas and rhododendrons but most of the azaleas had finished. I did manage a few shots of both.
It was all just beautiful.
Oh, and this one needs a drum roll, I found an amazing statue which proves the devolution of the male of the species... See men used to ask for directions! 
These are Florida figs growing in the water
Then there's the villa
And, of course, the views.
Time for an afternoon drink, this time at the water's edge under wisteria.
Garrie found an Italian beer he liked and I started into the prosecco early.
Oh and there is a fast method of transport on the lake - if you must - the hydrofoil.
On our slow meander, (finally we have learned to slow down), back towards home I could not resist photographing this dog. I could not see what he was looking at but he could not be dragged from it.
So that's it for today. Tomorrow is our biggest moving day ever with two ferries, two trains, a bus and a fair bit if walking, but the views and destination should be worth it! Ciao until then. Xx PS thanks for the emails and messages letting us know you are enjoying the blog. So happy it is being read.