Thursday, 12 June 2014

St Mark's and the back streets of Venice

First though the rest of yesterday. After our siesta we ventured out but the St Mark's queue was still long and in the sun so we treated ourselves and went to the restaurant on the square with the band that plays all day. Florians.
Yes it's an arm and a leg but we sat right in front of the pianist, violinist and accordionist and our afternoon tea was delivered with such style we both had a fit of the giggles.  
Mine was an iced chocolate and was divine.  We enjoyed it to the max. I tried to take the players but the strong sunlight in the square behind them made it impossible.  Oh and Mum people do still feed the pigeons despite the signs.
Did you take in the size of that seagull?
So home where Garrie cooked up our seafood feast which was, as it looks, delicious!
So today it was 3rd time lucky with St Mark's. The queue was still lengthy, even though we arrived before it opened, but it was in the shade and moved fast when it did open. I started with some outside photos (and have added a couple from last night when the sun was on it.)
I should say that all this work is mosaic!
We started by heading upstairs to the horses and the museum, which was fantastic as it puts you right up in the top areas of the church where you can see the detail of the ceilings and the millions of tiny tiles that go to make it all up. Sadly photos are not allowed inside but outside on the balcony you can get up close to the horses (which are now replicas though the originals can be seen inside) and there are wonderful views of St Mark's Square.
So after a gelato (amazingly Garrie is now trying other flavours apart from vanilla, must be the heady heights of St Marks), we head for the Vaporetto to head up the Grand Canal to our next adventure. I didn't take a great pic of this yesterday so a better effort today.
We headed to St Mary of The Friar Church.
Here too a local artist caught our eye. We had seen quite a few around but we both liked the style here and Stephanie is a local. So we have two watercolours packed up to add to the cases. This is our artist.
So back to the waterfront and this was our lunchtime view.  (Packed picnic eaten on steps in the shade)
A few more stops along the Grand Canal took us to our next stop, the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo.
It is basically a mansion and costum museum with a perfumery added for good measure and proved to be very interesting. It also allows photos.
The costumes worn in the 18th century are wonderful and you immediately notice the height difference.
Ceilings and chandeliers all very ornate.

There were a few rooms showing the making of perfume and we were able to smell the various and beautiful aromas.
As we were also quite near to the Natural Science Museum and our Museum Passes included entry we decided to include it too. Oh I mentioned back streets in the title and today, as we made our way we were in many. Here are just a couple.
Though you can't photograph inside, the Natural Science Museum was a welcome green oasis on the outside. Grass - seems ages since we've seen any.
And pure white rhododendrons.
And a very interesting cat, we think may have been shaved due to the heat. This isn't a cage, he'd just walked into this area. Love the tail! (Think Charlie would hide away - don't you think Jean?)
Time to head towards home and as we awaited for our Vaporetto an ambulance screamed by.
Rialto is our stop and we were much later than the last few days so time for the beer of the day - for us both!