Monday, 23 June 2014

Rundfahrt to Rigi

It means "round trip"! I'm betting some of you will have some fun with it. As I'm sure you did with Titlis. Whilst you're smiling, Garrie reminded me to tell you that I managed to walk into a glass door yesterday. Glass in Switzerland is VERY clean.

So today, another beautiful day weather wise so we decided to do the round trip to Rigi, another mountain in the area but this one's only 1800m.  It starts with an hour on a beautiful ferry on Lake Lucerne. Cruising past Mt Pilatus.
Watching other Sunday trippers
We have a cuppa on board now
Oh and the aerial on the top of the left hand peak shows where we are going.
Then we arrive in Viztnau, where we take the cogwheel railway up to Rigi Klum. It goes up
And up
And up some more
Until we arrive at Rigi Klum. About 1800m above sea level. This isn't the best photo but wanted to show that we came up in an old fashioned carriage.
The views at the top? Just wonderful and you can see into Germany and France as well.
You walk to the highest point and we loved this sign with the options to get there.
Only 500km to Paris tomorrow but a bit further before we get to Sydney!
We have a very strange morning tea at the top.
A prosecco for me, tomato juice for Garrie and we share a bratwurst and fries! Tasty and what a great view!
We're about finished and we hear singing. I'm still sipping prosecco so Garrie goes to investigate and finds a small choir.
I've stayed to enjoy the bubbles and view.
Time to go down and we take a more modern train.
And snap more great pics. But we leave the train only 1/3rd of the way down...
So do you recall these pics the other day?
Well this is what it looks like when you are sitting on board and waiting to go out over the edge.
Great views as you go down and it gets steep!
Safely at the bottom in Weggis and we walk past a cherry tree resisting the temptation to hop the fence.
And we find the locals having a bit of a festival and the beer of the day is free and it fell off the back of this wagon.
I swear I took a photo of Garrie drinking it but it's disappeared..(prosecco?) he loved it. They were handing it out as a promotion.  A band was playing nearby so we were entertained as we ate gelato and waited for the ferry back to Lucerne.
On the way back we see the locals at the beach.
Remember our Beach Club experience yesterday? Well you can see where we were here. Where the palm trees are. Views from the top rooms must be spectacular!
Back to Lucerne and we complete lunch with a Swiss hot dog. So much better than anything we've tasted called a hot dog before.
Oh and I think I showed you some photos of how they regulate the water in the lake before but didn't explain it.
This is the beautiful water colour in the side channel.
This is looking at the older part of the city.
And so we head home to our ginger bread house for the last night in Lucerne. We admit we are pretty pooped now but really needed (and would have loved) a few more days here. Still plenty to see but tomorrow we return to Paris where this adventure began almost 2 months ago!