Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Very Own Macgyver!

The weather continues to be good, a late shower last night after we were home, so off to the Lake to go to Brunnen, a lovely two hour cruise away, to see the Swiss Army Knife museum. On the way we pass Mt Pilatus.
Looking back, Lucerne is a picture.
I quite fancy this house...
The sky is clearer than the day we arrived so I can't resist more pictures.

Seems the Swiss like you to move around on thin wire in little baskets.
Did you spot the gondola in the last one?  We arrive in Brunnen and head for the museum which is full of interesting info on the history of the Swiss Army knife and even they mention good old MacGyver (some of you young 'uns may have to google this..)
They show many many knives from over the years and the too many options if you want to buy one now. Here's the large and the small of the display.
We have been looking at knives over the past few days, you might recall Garrie lost his at a security check in France.  Well here's a happy man with a new knife and a new hat.
He has the "Swiss Champ" which has 33 gadgets. 
And it was in use fairly quickly
I just enjoyed the view.
On the way back we pass by Gersau which used to be the world's smallest republic.
Further on we stop near this lovely building.
The dates at the top are for the original date of construction and for any major additions or renovations since. The views everywhere are just gorgeous.
Oh and if you think riding in a gondola is crazy, we saw these guys parachuting down!
And this helicopter zipping backwards and forwards delivering what might be construction materials.
We hop off just before the Lucerne stop as we want to visit the Swiss Transport Museum, but first lunch, and the beer of the day. Now we discovered yesterday's was actually German, but this one really is Swiss.  I had a local rose.
We also tried something new. Flammkuchen - best described as Swiss pizza. Very light and thin crust. Garrie had the classic with bacon and onions.
I had an Alpen with air dried beef, onions and mountain cheese.
Both delicious!  Then off to the Transport Museum, well what can you say - simply amazing. Every kind of transportation, including planes and put together so well and in many cases very interactively and with tonnes of stuff for kids - young and old. Here are just a few things.
And they found a new crash test dummy, ME!
Yes you can actually have a go in a car that they crash at just 10kph.  I was strapped in and even at just 10kph it is scary to hit a wall and the impact is amazing. I had my hand near the seat belt (take note Mum) and it was caught and hurt and the strap across my chest dug in. I seriously do not want to be in a real crash at speed and wish everyone who drove could experience this.

This train moves snow.
And this is like a huge mousetrap game (about the same era as MacGyver). Everything moves the ball down, we watched it for ages, you had to be there...
Chocolate display on the way out also pretty good..
Garrie bought me a chocolate frog!  So we strolled back along the lake and picked up some food for tea and that was our day.  Stay tuned for tomorrow - we have something special planned. Xx