Thursday, 12 June 2014

Murano and Burano

Today we decided to go Island hopping and fell in love with Burano
However first things first... We are crashing early so we rise early and some light cloud was keeping it cool. This is the view from one of our lounge windows down into a typical Venetian courtyard.
And with the cooler air we ate breakfast up on the terrace.
Garrie found a perfect way through the alleys to the Vaporetto stop for the islands that lie out in what is known as the lagoon.  On the way we came across this building.
Turned out to be a hospital!  On board the waterbus and first stop Murano.  Famous for its glass that is sold around the world.
Far less bustle here and we are actually too early for even the shops so have time to wander around.
Some of the work is magnificent but handmade glass comes with quite a price tag.  
There are several glass sculptures around and this one catches my eye.
I also take it with St Peter Martyr Church which we visit and find delightful though no pics allowed folks.
Though the island is relatively small we are still not quite sure how to find the glass museum and we check our map in a shady spot and suddenly a familiar accent joins in. Maureen from Sydney isn't sure where she is going either so the 3 of us get lost together until I ask someone who Maureen suggests looks local.  "Scuse" I say (and should have said scusa) then try "Museo?" The well presented lady points in the opposite direction and gives instructions that we clearly don't understand after the first left turn. She indicates we should follow and we do for quite a long time. Finally we see the Museo Vaporetto stop and I gesture at the map it holds but the lady is clear we aren't there yet and to follow her. We do, like three obedient puppies and she takes us right to the door.  I say "grazie buon giorno" and she says "ciao" and smiles and walks on. We have no idea if we've taken her out of her way on such a hot day. We have learned there is always help if you ask.

The museum is interesting and includes glass dating back to the 1st century!  Much is being renovated so it doesn't take long and we wander in and out of various glass shops for a while.  In one we ask about seeing glass being made and we are directed to a public display area.
This fellow starts (well when we arrive he has) a ball of molten glass.
He works it for less than a minute then it's back in the fire.
Then more work.
Then more fire and more work, and another fellow works another piece of glass.
Then they get together.
And things start taking shape. Yup I've skipped a few photos or this would be very long but you can see where it's going.  More fire.
More bits added and more work.
And things are really developing when we move on.
Time to move on to Burano so back to the Vaporetto but we have enjoyed Murano.
Burano is just delightful. It is known for it's lace making and colourful houses. We start by eating lunch in the park where we arrive and also take a pic with Maureen.
The colourful streets are just wonderful.
We also enjoy the leaning tower of Burano. This is the bell tower of the church of St Martin Bishop and it leans to one side due to the subsidence of one side of the foundations, which, as in Venice, are on wooden piles.
We find the lace making museum and marvel at some of the intricate detail which I forget to photograph as I'm now so used to not being allowed to do so.  They often have lace making demonstrations but we've managed to land in their lunch time so have to content ourselves with the video which I do take a couple of pics of.
We walk down an avenue of lace shops.
A few more colourful pics and we are back to the Vaporetto and saying farewell to Maureen. We enjoyed your company Maureen, safe travels tomorrow.
You can read more about Burano here.
On the waterbus ride home I capture a few of the ruins that make you wonder if one day all of Venice will look like (particularly if we keep trying to ignore climate change)
This is part of the cemetery island.
And this is a statue just out from Venice.
So a wonderful day and back home for the beer of the day which for Garrie is German.
But for me is Italian (and not beer)
As Garrie has cooked for 3 nights and we've taken sandwiches each day tonight we are heading out for pizza! Ciao until tomorrow.