Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lakes and Churches

A big day today but a final couple of pictures from our Bellagio window first.
Golly I miss it already... Anyway first thing this morning we walked to the Bellagio car ferry and a took a trip to Menaggio, (You'll recall that from yesterday so no need for pictures).  Then a ten minute walk to the bus stop, and here are some highlights of our trip through the mountains from Menaggio to Lugarno, much of it along Lake Lugarno.  Goodbye to Lake Como as we climbed higher.
The roads seem way too narrow for a bus and hairpins are again included. At times he pips the horn to let drivers coming the other way know we are there.
A bus selfie!
Through the valley and now we run along Lake Lugarno. Oh and we pass from Italy into our 8th country - Switzerland.
And eventually into Lugarno.
Our next trick is to find the railway station. This we do by asking, walking and taking the funicular.
It's sort if light rail on a hill. That takes us to the station and we jump on a 
train from Lugarno to Bellinzona. The mountains are growing and more snow is appearing.
We have time for a cuppa in Bellinzona and an apple thingy (a bit like those apple flappen things in the Netherlands). The street reminds me of Dad's photos of Swiss towns.
Time to jump on a train from Bellinzona to Fluelen. Now the mountains are really growing and we pass through small and quaint villages, all with their own little church.

The road sometimes runs over our head.
And disappears into tunnels.
We disappear into plenty of our own tunnels too.  The water in the mountain rivers is an incredible colour.
We arrive in Fluelen and take 
a ferry across the length of Lake Lucerne to Lucerne. It takes nearly 3 hours and is a wonderful way to end our journey. There are plenty of curious visitors before the boat departs.
And one of the passengers catches my fancy.
We stop at many points along the way and again it's all beauty and churches.

There are also plenty of hotels and resorts.
And more churches.
And a form of transport we didn't take today - a cable car.
Will we try it?  It goes up over this mountain
To here.
There are also statues.
And even the odd castle 
And troops in canoes
And even swimmers (golly that water must be chilly...)
And roads through the mountain. (Must be annoying those people who hate a sentence to start with and lol!)
And finally the churches get bigger
Which tells us we have reached Lucerne (Luzern to the locals).
More on Lucerne tomorrow and our tiny new home, which we walked to. Tiny but excellent and surrounded by trees and birds and away from the hustle of the town.  So today we walked, caught a ferry, a bus, walked, caught a funicular, two trains, a ferry and then walked. We left home at 7am and reached Lucerne before 4pm, having enjoyed wonderful scenery all the way.  Time for a rest. Xx