Saturday, 21 June 2014

In the Snow At Last!

Well he's been dreaming about it, viewing it from a distance, and today, at last, Garrie finally had the chance to play in it.
We caught the express train to Engleberg, a 43 minute ride from Lucerne.  It was taking us closer to the snow.
Then a bus took us to the start of three - yes three - different cable cars that take you up to 3020m (10,000 feet) and then you can walk a further 21m or so, however I'm jumping ahead. You start on a 6 seater gondola and head up.

And up
Not my strong suit, small baskets on thin wires...
And up
We could hear the cow bells through the open windows, so lovely.
And up

At the top we went for a walk through the glacier cave.
This corridor is 150m long and takes you 20 metres below the glacier.
Then outside for the most magnificent view and a walk across the cliff walk. The walk is at 3041m and there is a 500m drop below it. It takes 150 steps to cross and we both did it!
It's the highest suspension bridge in Europe!  The views? A camera does not do it justice but it is all I can offer.
Lower down people were playing in the snow...
Oh and have I mentioned the name of the mountain? I'm sure a few of you will make merry with it. Thankfully we didn't need to ask directions!
Here he is walking on real snow!
Apparently he'd never had a snowball fight before.
A friendly American took this for us.
Then I tried to make a snow angel
Hmm needed much softer snow.
I took this shot to try and show where we started on the cable cars. Down near the tiny lake.
More snow shots 
We stood and watched and took so many pictures which just do not convey the magnificence of it all. We have had so many trip highlights but this morning, a week before we catch our final flight home, has to be the best and we can't see it being outdone.  So time to descend and I take more of the transport on the return journey. We start on the Titlis Rotair. The world's first rotating cable car. In 5 minutes you rotate 360 degrees. 

Then we move to a large cable car - it takes up to 81 people at a time.
Then we go back to the 6 person gondola and we have one to ourselves. Garrie isn't keen on heights if outside, but loves these things, but give me a suspension bridge any day so he had some giggles at my shrieks as we headed down the steep sections
This is the midway point for the last section.
And so safely down to Engleberg again.
So many options for people here!
OK so I totally forgot we passed through some lovely markets this morning on the way to the train.
Had to put them in.  Now the American chap who took our photo told us about a place called
So in a surreal twist to the day we end up taking a funicular to the top of this hotel in Lucerne for the beer of the day where our walking boots, which a few hours before were in snow, were now in sand!
Here are the rules.
And here is the view over Lake Lucerne.
One level down we find "Louis's Bar" where he played and there are pictures of the famous faces who have visited/played there hanging everywhere.
Home to be greeted by James.
And maybe the blog should end here as folks, I seriously can't imagine we can top a day like today... If you'd like to know more about Titlis
Oh and yes, we'll be back tomorrow. Xx