Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Well we both have very mixed feelings about heading home and leaving our lovely Parisian apartment this morning wasn't easy.  We headed to the airport early as the French air traffic controllers are running a rolling strike with many flights cancelled.  Thankfully we were only delayed 50mins.  So almost seven hours and three movies (The Armstrong Lie - well nearly Tour time, Philomena - lovely Judi Dench Movie, and About Time with Bill Nighy, a nice romantic number) later and we are in Dubai.

As this is the last leg of our tour I have tried to end it with a final treat for the birthday boy. We have a suite and this is the view from our balcony.
Dubai Mall - which includes the aquarium just a walk away.
These palms are more decorated than in Las Vegas!
I booked a suite and a driver met us at the airport with Garrie's name on a board so that was a treat.  Here are some pics of our suite, minus the toilet and bidet as I promised someone no more loo shots, though it also has a view which I forgot to take - maybe tomorrow?..
Garrie has a coffee machine!

So, given it is after 10.30pm here (we're moving closer to Aussie time) I am calling it quits. Garrie is out on the balcony enjoying the fountain show that takes place in front of the Burj regularly - pics of that at some point I'm sure.  See you ( or maybe you'll see us) tomorrow. Xx