Thursday, 26 June 2014

Camels, World's tallest building and a Super Mall!

Me and my new bestie.
Let me start with the daylight shots from our room.
And of course, the Burj Kalifa
And here is the view from the loo! Very strange sitting and wondering if anyone can really see you.
We start with a lovely breakfast and here are just two pics from the extensive buffet.
How fresh is this honey!
We stopped by our pool and courtyard - very nice.
Well it's hot here. Currently 39 degrees but has a heat index of 44. Winds at 26kph out of the NW. Cloudy tonight with a low of 29. This morning when it was about 35 we decided to circumnavigate the Burj - just for fun and we took a few pics on the way.
How would you like this job?
If you aren't sure why we are walking around taking pictures of the Burj Kalifa, I should mention that it is currently the world's tallest building at 828m and 163 floors.  It's cladding includes over 24,000 cut glass panels, the 31,400 metric tonnes of steel rebar used, if laid end-to-end, would stretch a quarter of the way around the earth. Level 160 is the world's highest habitable floor, in fact most of the building is residential.  The 124th floor is for whizzing up to in 55 seconds in an obviously high speed lift and seeing out into the dusty yonder.  Garrie having overcome his fear of heights, and me having overcome my fear of small boxes whizzing up and down on relatively thin wire, we decide to give it a go. Here is what we could see from the top.
Oh this is the Dubai Mall where I met my camel mate.
Remember that water picture from earlier at ground level?
Most people are aware of the famous hotel that looks a bit like a yacht.  Well it was very hazy today...but you can just make it out. Lol.
We both enjoyed it, even the outside deck, though the heat drives you back inside. Garrie even bought himself a hat!
And I nearly bought myself a chocolate camel..
But believe it or not I'm almost over chocolate. Want to know more about the Burj?
And so to the Dubai Mall. Our information says "the world's greatest mall" with more than 1200 retail outlets, it also includes a few things most malls don't. A skating rink.
A fun park with some amazing rides, most of which defeated my camera with their speed in the poor light, but I think you'll understand this one.
A dinosaur
A few super Heros
An aquarium with what is supposed to be the largest viewing panel in the world. This is probably true as I had to go one floor up and still couldn't get it all in.
And an amazing fountain. I think this one is my favourite pic of the day.
Of course it has more normal parts, though even they are well decorated.
It also has 31 chocolate, confectionary and ice cream stores so my weakness for chocolate finally cracked. This is chocolate fondue with a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of hazelnut - delicious!
Garrie can never resist a banana split.
Time to come home..snapped this on the way back through the neighbouring hotel.
So just about through my third last post to this blog. One more tomorrow and then a wrap-up with some stats I hope to send before we fly out Saturday. Home Sunday at which point we will both be lapsing into a coma for a while. One final pic - I found this in the hotel wardrobe - and there I was thinking it was the ironing board....
No??? Seriously??? BFN. Xx