Thursday, 12 June 2014

Best Meals Ever and Venice Odds and Sods

So have you been wondering about our Pizza dinner?  Wonder no more it was fantastico!  Garrie declared it the best pizza he had ever tasted (sorry Sherrie).  Mine included ham, mozzarella, mushrooms and artichokes
Garrie prefers something simpler so his was mozzarella and spicy salami.
We had watched it being made. 
Enjoyed with salad, beer and way too much prosecco for me it was a delightful meal.  Thank you
Afterwards we checked out where tonight's concert will be held. More on this below...
We asked and I can take photos without flash so stand by for those on Saturday (our time).
The evening seemed to be bringing changes to the weather with a wind coming up and the skies looking stormy.
Today dawned cooler and we enjoyed breakfast in a breeze for the first time.  Another thing that has to be noted about Venice is no cars or even bicycles. Having been so alert to cars, trams, bikes etc. coming from all directions, Venice has been a real break.  The two dangers here are:
1) looking up and around too much and falling into a canal
2) guys with trolleys delivering things but they yell "attention" before they come too close.
Boats don't seem to start very early so the peacefulness of the city in the early morning is just wonderful.
A few of you may be wondering why you haven't seen us on a gondola. Well it's more than the price, which is a bit extreme, it's also the heat. Here is one I snapped yesterday. We think the lady in what looked like a rain poncho is probably several kgs lighter and those without hats or coverings are very burned!
Though if they stayed to the smaller canals it looked better.
Oh and I finally gained my good shot of the Rialto Bridge
So today we decided to circumnavigate the main islands so hopped on the right Vaporetto and spent an enjoyable hour and a half on the water.
We've taken to sitting in the back outside which isn't crowded but is low in the water and you do sometimes wonder if you'll be swamped
Just one splash inside today.  A great shot if St Marks Square and the Doges Palace.
And the entrance to the Grand Canal
It sometimes felt as if this Vaporetto was going to run into us.
Churches that touch the water.
The coast guard in a hurry
We also found the cruise ships.
We're leaving by train tomorrow, maybe on something looking like this
You could take hundreds of photos here so I'm trying not to, well maybe one last courtyard we stumbled on today.
So as it is our last lunch in Venice we decide to treat ourselves. Garrie has a new found skill of hunting out excellent restaurants on the net, the pizza place being his first, so off we trot to the second which is only about a minute from where we live.
Here's the menu
Garrie starts with the beer of the day, Italian, and I have a Pinot Grigio 
As an entree Garrie chooses spaghetti a pesto, which is delicious (it's all delicious so I don't have to repeat myself... 
I chose "Italian hors d'oeuvre" which turns out to be a plate of wonderful meats
For mains, Garrie takes the peppered steak
And I go for a filet mignon, which is, without doubt, the best steak I've had in my life!
We are eating under vine leaves in a lovely courtyard, it is the epitome of an Italian eating experience.
Garrie completes his meal with his first Italian coffee (it's been too hot up to today.) an espresso.
He loves it. An absolutely wonderful meal!  Well done to Garrie for finding it.  Just a snack tonight me thinks, oh and it has created our knowledge of a new Italian word "squisito" - outstanding!

For our cycling buddies, this little guy is still with us, though we admit to eating the King of the Mountain and the Sprinter...
Oh and this is the street we've been living in.
As mentioned before, tonight we are going to Scuola Grande de San Teodoro
To hear Vivaldi's
Four Seasons
Can't Wait! It might need it's own post!