Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Benvenuto a bello Venezia!

We've made it to our 7th country, Italy and beautiful, no stunning, Venice.  On the way we had more fun. Garrie is learning that the most dangerous part of travelling is the cab to the airport. Ours made a 30 minute journey in 10 this morning and we weren't in a hurry!  Turns out neither of us were game to look at the speedo.  Very impressed with Vueling airlines and Garrie was very impressed with the view. Some of you will recall his excitement about the small pockets of snow we saw in Scotland so imagine when he saw this.
We landed without fuss and headed to the waterbus - certainly the best way I've ever left an airport, though he could take a few lessons from Sydney ferry Captains as he seemed determined to take out the stops at times.  I snapped a few things from the bus.
Our next boat
We arrived and were greeted by the lovely Alessandro, a philosophy student who took us through the winding back alleys to our apartment. As we were early they were still cleaning so we dropped our cases and headed out.  We started with a cuppa - well a coke, two lemonades and the beer of the day.
Garrie liked the beer but was unimpressed by the size. I found the lemonade great and also tried a local cake. Sort of shortbread filled with a chocolate nutty mix. Yummy.
It's brilliant blue skies but perhaps a bit hot. They had mid 30s yesterday and looks as if it is staying that way all week.  I've been wearing a cap in the sun but decided more cover was required.
We went for a wander and the place seems very clean and there is a photo opportunity on every corner (again!)
We took this next one to help us find our way home through that small alley at the back.
Of course we ended up in St Mark's square.
Sadly (well typically for us) St Marks is being renovated but was very recognisable

We bought a Museum Pass and started with the Museum Correr. No pictures allowed but the ceilings are stunning and seeing things that are 1500 and 2000 years old - what to say?  http://correr.visitmuve.it/en/home/
Garrie is loving all the Italian mask shops
Though I'm not sure how we will pack this glass guitar
Lunch in the square is accompanied by fine music (well "c'est ce bon" which seemed very appropriate)
So back down the alleyways and up 95 steps to our new home and we are chuffed with it.
Garrie has already tried the bidet. He liked it.
The view from the lounge room is fine...yes that is St Marks.
And we have a terrace
Views from there too...
A nice place for a glass of something in the cool of the evening or for brekkie me thinks. We do have Airconditioning so I think I know where we'll be in the worst of the heat.  Off to shop shortly, dropping breadcrumbs as we go. Ciao! Xxx