Friday, 13 June 2014

A Wonderful Night in Venice

It was so good we decided it should have it's own post.  We had a siesta in the afternoon as the performance didn't start until 8.30pm.  The outside of the building you've seen and inside we went up a grand staircase into the performance room.  In typical Venetian style even the ceilings were ornate.
The stage was set.
And as we were amongst the first in we sat in the front row.  It isn't a huge room I took this from my seat.
We checked the program as we waited.
Then the initial performers arrived to great applause.
As I seem to have the loudest camera in the world I only took 3 pics whilst they were performing and the rest are when they are tuning up or taking applause. I only wish you could hear the music, it was magic.
For the Four Seasons sections they were joined by the star performer, and wasn't he just.
All too soon it was over, though they did grant an encore.
Squisito!!  If you'd like to know more here are the links again.  
Scuola Grande Di San Teodoro
Vivaldi's Four Season's.
As we haven't stayed up late enough to see Venice in the dark we head to the Rialto Bridge for a night shot of it
And the grand canal
Then we wander towards St Marks and Garrie stops to check out the Ferrari shop
In St Marks the high tide is popping up into the square!
People are still enjoying the place, wandering around the increasingly large puddles of water.
The bands are playing but it's a shadow of where we have just been.
The Doges Palace glows.
And the high tide laps at the edges.
We say a final farewell to St Marks and a last look at the square near home that we have passed through so many times this week
Then we are home!  A wonderful evening never to be forgotten.