Sunday, 15 June 2014

A lovely lazy day in Bellagio

We've had a lovely lazy Sunday in Bellagio but first the colours of our first night.  Garrie just mesmerized by the view.
The changing light on the mountains as the sun goes down
Then the man made lights start to twinkle.
Yes we stayed up quite late drinking our new favourite drop.
We slept like babies, probably the combo of Prosecco, a big day and the coolness.  We heard rain in the night, but though grey it's dry today and even without sunshine our views are beautiful.
We both decided our view was enough for today, that a day of rest was in order, but then we discovered the supermarket is closed on Monday (Europeans have lives. In many places shops are shut from 12.30pm to 3.30pm daily, on Sunday afternoons and usually one day of the week.  Even banks close for an hour and a half over lunch.), so we decide we needed to get down there before they closed to ensure sufficient prosecco supplies. We came back with an entire bag of food (2 last night and we are only here for 4 nights!).  Oh and we also spot the beer of the day
Garrie cannot be tempted to buy it.  I snap a few shots of our surrounds whilst we walk home.
This one's for Jasmyn and Ayden. Look what we found in a neighbour's garden. 
This is our apartment (top floor)
Everywhere you can smell orange jasmine and it's right through the flat as it grows right below us.
Here are a few pics from inside.
The hatches can be opened up to let a lot of air in.
The couch upstairs is for more view watching.
This sink us just decorative.
And yes there is a bidet, seems a popular Italian thing. (Might have to have one installed at home)
It's great to live as locals and understand a little of how people live. In all of Europe up to Italy beds have been made with a fitted sheet and a doona only (or duvet as they call it) but here in Italy we are back to our usual two sheets and a blanket and normal shaped pillows.  In both Italian places we have also had what I'd describe as "in cupboard dish drainage".
Wash it, stack it and shut the doors on it. We also love their double action windows. Hopefully my pictures explain. First one closed window.
Handle out to the right and the window opens as we would expect it to.
Close the window and turn the handle all the way to pointing upwards and voila air without easy access from outside or rain getting in.
The other thing with windows, that Garrie still can't understand, as there is the odd mozzie, is that there are no fly screens. If we've seen two flies and three mozzies, including in very hot Venice that's been about it.

Oh and some tragic news for our cycling friends. Our cyclist has been injured. Severe collar bone injury that could prove terminal...
So despite our tour book being full of 6 and 8 hour 30+km walks we have stayed put today enjoying the sound of the church bells (something we have had just about everywhere and will very much miss) and listening to the water lap against the shoreline. Possibly caused by the Traghetti (ferries). Eating nibbles from the shop and Garrie's great cooking and sipping on Prosecco.  

Finally someone asked me how many photos I'd taken on the trip so far. I flippantly said " golly must be at least a thousand by now. " WRONG!  I delete from the camera anything that I can see is very dodgy, then I import to the ipad and it is telling me that the total imported since I took a pic of mum in Coffs airport is..,drumroll....2827.  Looking at it that doesn't include those I've deleted once imported so I must be well over 3000 by now!  No wonder I need a day of rest. Ciao for now.