Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Bus Trip Around Paris

AS a special treat we thought we'd take you on a double decker top deck bus ride around Paris. Well let's face it, this trip has been all for you guys reading this blog!  So to achieve today's blog we jumped on the bus at the Latin Quarter and spent the first third of it standing up downstairs as there were no seats anywhere. Just about ready to abandon, others depart and voila we are upstairs, so let's start at the most famous monument and continue on from there.
Then on to Les Invalides, home to remains of Napoleon.
Now many of you will be familiar with the very famous Statue "The Thinker" by Rodin.  How familiar are you with the backside of it? Yup that's it.
Heading onto the Pont Alexandre III with the Grand Palais on the left and Petit Palais on the right.
Some close ups on the bridge.
The obelisk.
St Marie Magdelene
Now I should say that it's fairly hot on top of the bus and one passenger finds a unique way to use his tour guide.
The Opera House.
A sign Garrie loved
Passing through a gap near the Louvre where we all breathed in.
Part of the Louvre, which, if you didn't know it, was home to many of the French Kings over the years as well as now being the home of Mona and the crew.
We cross the Seine several times and I gain views both ways.
The Assemble Nationale
Looking down towards The Louvre and including some of the interesting ways you can tour Paris.
The top of a double decker bus is by far the best way to view the Arc de Triumphe.
Here comes the traffic
Some close up views as we whizz around.
On our first pass we noticed a protest in a park and some flares being lit. When we passed next time, riot police in full force.
Oh liked this building covered in green.
So time to leave the bus and to visit our favourite ice cream shop.
Now before jumping on the bus this morning we went to our very favourite Parisian attraction.
Yes the markets. There are many things we don't like about Paris but fact is, so far, they do food better than anywhere else we have been.
This is our favourite shop near the markets.
It makes the best desserts and salads
So now we are home and listening to a piano accordion playing Parisian love songs somewhere in the street below us (This is the Latin Quarter on th left bank after all), and getting ready to demolish our feast, which also now includes a French bread stick (of course)
The cherries and raspberries are wonderful and sooo cheap. Oh and we are the filled baguettes and most of the cherries for lunch on the bus. So before we go, I realised I showed you the terrace before but not much of the rest of our Parisian flat so here goes.
This is the sunroom up top
And finally last night's dinner on the terrace.
So farewell for tonight. Tomorrow we breakfast on our terrace and then head to Dubai where the world's tallest building and the weirdest shopping malls await us. Stay tuned.