Friday, 2 May 2014

Walking around Paris

So after our visit to the market we decided to take a stroll.  We live just across the river (to the south) of Notre Dame (not far from that light blue point on the map) So we walked up to the river Seine and turned left along it and walked right along to the Eiffel Tower.  (Middle left of the map) Then we crossed the river and walked up to the Arc de Triumph (top left of the map) and then down the full length of the Champs Élysées to The Louvre, then across the Pont Neuf at the end of the Ile de la Cite and home.  Maybe 12-15km in all.

Thursday started with bright sunshine, then a shower of rain arrived as we reached the Eiffel Tower, (we didn't go up as the queues were so long due to this being a public holiday for May Day), turned to rain whilst we were inside enjoying lunch and then the sun came out again before a storm crossed the city late in the afternoon. Here are a few photos we took along the way.

This is the Pont de l'Archeveche or the "Lock of Love" bridge

Couples add a lock with their names and throw the key into the river.  It does make for an amazing sight.

From the Pont Alexandre III for my friend Ian.

The amazing Eiffel Tower.

Incoming rain.

I toured England once when every cathedral seemed to have scaffolding.  Here it's the Arc de Triumph.  Note where I was standing to take this, with a very nervous Garrie watching on.  Drivers in Paris are quite mad and zebra crossings are simply recommended places to cross when there are no cars coming as cars DO NOT stop for pedestrians.

The beautiful Champs Élysées.

How do the Tour de France riders stay upright over these cobblestones?

Hmm note to self - write the names of things you take...

And finally The Pont Neuf and the Ile de la cite.

We made it home before a storm which will make yet another blog post.  Tomorrow we tackle The Louvre.