Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Towers, towers and more towers...

And markets.  Sadly the Borough Markets only fully operate from Wednesday so we headed for Berwick Street, but even at 9.30am they were still starting up and just didn't have the feel of Paris, with the exception of the flower sellers.
So we wandered through Soho and onto the Westend, had a cuppa and then hopped the underground to St Paul's. Just a word on the underground - FANTASTIC!  Clean and it gets you anywhere and the Oyster card system is so easy. Thankfully they called off their strike or we may not be quite as impressed...

And so to St Paul's.
The section at the top of the first square bit on top of the dome is called the Golden Gallery. It is 85 metres from the cathedral floor and is 528 steps to get there and you come out on the outside!  So now we understand the value of the steps to our flat in Paris and yes we both went up and out though I suspect Garrie will see more of the view via my photos but he overcame his fear of heights so well to get up there. More shots down the bottom first:

Sadly they don't allow photos inside St Paul's but if you click on this link you'll find some of the extraordinary beauty we enjoyed.  When you go up you first reach the whispering gallery, which is wonderful but when I went to the opposite side and whispered "I love you" Garrie didn't hear a thing but the guy 6 feet away thought his luck had changed!  It's 257 steps to here.  So then onwards another 119 steps to the Stone Gallery where you come outside and photos are allowed.

Finally the 152 steps to the Golden Gallery, much up this kind of stairway
And out to amazing views
Then it's back down 528 steps to the Cathedral floor and down a few more to the crypt and the tombs of many including Nelson and Wellington. As in everything we've seen in the past week it's almost impossible to get your head around the history.

After some lunch - very passable baguettes, it was off to check out the Tower of London. These shots are all from the outside which was our choice. 

This is Traitors Gate.  The Tower here circa 1280!
Then just a short stroll along The Thames to our final tower for the day - Tower Bridge
And for Gai a shot off London Bridge and yes we did sing the song, much to the amusement of passers by.

So then back on the tube to put this together and have a break as tonight we are heading back to Drury Lane in the West End for 

Tomorrow a final few hours then we pick up the hire car and head to Wales for time with my childhood friend Linda and her husband Michael. Can't wait!