Saturday, 17 May 2014

Tilly, Tides, Cockles and Clovelly

The most important member of the family here is Tilly the dog!
Each morning, Howard issues ech of us with a cornflake
Tilly has to ask properly
And then she receives her treat
The start to our day includes welsh cakes served hot with butter.
Today we took Mum and Garrie to Clovelly. Somewhere my Mum and Dad holidayed at in their slightly younger years
It is a steep, cobbled village

We walked our way leisurely down.

This is the way things are delivered

Imagine these streets covered in snow..
Part way down, Garrie popped into a shop
And fell in love with a hat
This is Charles, who made the hat. Expect to hear about his website when it's finally up.  Scottish pure wool but made in Clovelly.
Our trek to the harbour continued.
Interesting old fishing cottage showing the shorter heights in older days.
The most important piece of the equipment in this room being the "guzunder"...
Getting closer to the bottom where a new experience awaited 
And for lunch, hot smoked mackerel and crab rolls.
And of course the pub serves beer. Today Clovelly Cobbler. Hmm OK.
View looking back up at Clovelly.
Remember these steps from the early photos of Mum and Dad..
I climbed to the top wall and looked down from above.
Tide very much out.
Mum and Chrus headed back up via landrover - though with no back door that was exciting
We found some fun signs on the way back up
On the way home we stopped at a thatched pub for a cuppa - only 799 years old this one
And also went through Instow, a town that really shows the huge tidal movements.
And so to home to Exmoor venison casserole and creme brûlée.  Tomorrow it's goodbye and into the Cotswolds.