Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Birthday

And so it is here, the reason for this trip! 
The day started with a spectacular sunrise behind Notre Dame
We enjoyed fresh strawberries and French bread and then headed out.  We had read about another market!
It did not disappoint.
Tomatoes and even more tomatoes and the variety...

This time we had to have some of that asparagus! And raspberries.
Amazing to see the cheeses, all outdoors.
Our "haul" included eclairs, terraines, ham, more pate and creme brûlée. Oh and more cheese

Leaving the rest in the fridge, we packed up the two filled baguettes and headed of for the Jardin du Luxembourg.  
We stopped to be very Parisian with cafe and croissants on the way.  Loving the back streets we came across with their ancient cobblestones.
And more amazing apartments.
Hire bikes are everywhere and cyclists are treated with great respect, though it still looks a pretty dangerous game. The gardens are beautiful.
The grass is for looking at, NOT walking or sitting on.  The boats use the wind and children use sticks to turn them and head them back into the middle again.
The baguettes were tres yummy.  Then we wandered back to The Louvre for a second attempt at entry. Easy, just don't go early - who knew!

A famous museum it may be, but it becomes a zoo near famous items like the Mona Lisa.  When I was last here I didn't get close but this time I was determined..
Tad ah!  And the Venus de Milo

Mind you we found the ceilings equally impressive
It will seem sacrilegious to some, but honestly, given the choice, we are market and parks people, so after a couple of hours it was off to our favourite ice cream shop, (where, after 4 visits in as many days, they now recognise us), for a coffee and a delicious hot chocolate!

Rest time now and we may try to stay up long enough to see the lights tonight - though maybe the champagne and our feast will have us snoozing!  Tomorrow we head for London, so the Chunnel awaits.

Though this is Garrie's special day, I also want to mention my lovely friend Stephanie who I lost 12 months ago today.  Rest easy Steph we've been painting Paris red for you too. Xxx