Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Baguettes are getting Bigger

Friday 2nd May.  The rain had been blown away so breakfast was eaten in sunshine on the terrace and then we headed to The Louvre.  We had thought going early would minimise the queues - wrong!
This shows just one section of the queue and we moved a fair way and found a sign saying that at that point we had 2 hours to queue.  Scratch The Louvre today.  We'll check out booking online for tomorrow or for when we return at the end of the trip.

So, this being the food feast holiday we headed for
This is a fascinating street full of food shops and cafés
There's even a restaurant dedicated to snails
Sadly closed for renovations so the snails will have to wait!  The whole street is about food with several 
We are yet to try macaroons and what about this asparagus!  The pears are not small so that gives you an idea of the size.
From this beautiful street we managed to get a little lost in the back streets.  We'll not that lost and everywhere you look the architecture is amazing.

We then used our GPS system to get back on track and headed for The Ile de la cite to check out Saint Chapelle, which several people had recommended.  Though we found a queue again it was only half an hour and though being renovated the chapel did not disappoint.
So after plenty of walking we headed to our favourite ice cream palour - we've been there every day.
Garrie went for the waffle, whilst I tried a brioche filled with hazelnut and chocolate ice cream - delicious!
Whilst on Rue Montorgueil we purchased tonight's dessert
They managed the backpack trip well!  Garrie went for the vanilla slice and mine's the chocolate eclair (for you Mum)!
Oh and the baguettes are getting bigger.  Remember yesterday's?
We'll though we are yet to finish one, Garrie could not resist the biggest we had seen so far
That's what's left of yesterday's - over half - plenty to put fois gras on tonight with the red wine!
Oh and last evening I captured Notre Dame lit up - long days here with it being light until about 9pm!
This from our lounge room window.  It's a tough life and we're loving It.  A bientot!