Tuesday, 20 May 2014

That Roundabout again, a Castle and more Cotswold villages.

So yet another glorious day. Heading for 28 degrees so I donned my one pair of short pants.  We headed off to visit Warwick Castle and as Sean poetically called his instructions we realized he was heading us back to THAT roundabout. (Yesterday's post required reading.) we jollied each other on saying we had been through it so many times already that it would be a breeze.
Yup, confirmed, THAT roundabout and we needed the 4th exit. Now so confident am I in Garrie's driving ability that I decided to pick up the camera so you could share in the fun.  Here we go:
We are headed for Warwick and this is the approach
That forest is on the roundabout!
We are on. 4 lanes of traffic, signs and road markings everywhere.
To say nothing of trucks! There's our exit.
And we make it!  (The return was easy - 2nd exit - no sweat!).  And so to the magnificent Warwick Castle, celebrating 1100 years of history this year!
We started with the Dungeons, which I could not photograph but which included very skilled actors, sounds, smells, sensations and plenty of darkness. This was our starting character.
Garrie also thought he'd tackle the axe
Very funny!  
After 45mins of excellent entertainment we emerged to fresh air and headed down to see the Trebuchet. This is the world's largest authentic catapult at 18metres.
You might just be able to see that it is being wound down by human power.
In the past it launched all kinds of things at the enemy including dead animals and human heads. Today it was a fireball which I just caught on lift-off
Garrie was engrossed.
The grounds include lots of beautiful birds and gardens. This is a jackdaw.
Always a swan and always a peacock.
And the occasional Canada Goose.
The interior was as fascinating.
The detail in this wooden buffet amazing.
Queen Elizabeth I's saddle
At times we could have been on the set of Downton Abbey
Obviously shorter people though
We headed to the top of the ramparts
530 steps helped us move our cavery lunch through the system. (Not bad but not exciting enough for a photo. Actually we are finally fooded out and have settled for chicken and salad sandwiches for dinner!) everything about this place is simply amazing.
Oh and we found the stocks
And the gaol
Oh and we also attended a bow demo and the falconry show which was great.  Don't ask me the names of all the birds but they were all amazing.
And this one is especially for Noeline - an eagle owl
It is just about an all day job so we decided to skip Stratford (next time Gai) and instead took a walk around Warwick and found yet more history

And then toured around a couple more Cotswold Villages. Mickleton, Broadway and Chipping Camden - a picture postcard around every corner!

We found this fascinating marketplace in Chipping Camden
How many thousands of feet have walked here?
And so tomorrow it's farewell Cotswolds and York here we come!