Monday, 5 May 2014

Squirrels and Swans

We found our way to our Bayswater Hotel, (thanks Suzanne, great tip), unpacked and headed for nearby Kensington Gardens.

The architecture had certainly changed and yet seemed equally grand.
We loved the gardens. Expansive and oh so green.
It didn't take long before we came across some if the locals.

Squirrels!  Just love them.  They are such busy little creatures.
The Serpentine was a popular spot on this warm, sunny day.
At this point we both agreed that we were surprised to be enjoying London more than Paris.  The streets seemed much quieter and the drivers a lot less crazy, we hadn't seen any smokers (loads in Paris) and the gardens were just lovely.  We also noticed that in England you can walk and sit on the grass, though, of course, deck chairs are the go.

Though Garrie decided there was something missing
What a goose!  Speaking of which there were plenty of geese around and ducks and gulls and also swans.
And given this trip is about food...
A childhood favourite of mine, n ice cream with a flake in it.  After some lazy time in the park we headed off to check out other locals.
The Albert Hall.
Her majesty was at home but we were full of ice cream so decided to skip tea with the corgis.  The Mall was all closed to traffic so we wandered down the middle of it in safety.
We made it to Westminster and
And, of course St Stephens tower, (which houses Big Ben.). However we were getting tired so it was time for dinner and Garrie's first English beer.  We chose The Clarence Hotel, near Trafalgar Square.

So two things we are missing from Paris - our lovely apartment (much bigger than a hotel room) and THE FOOD.  However we're here so something traditional it had to be
Roast beef and Yorkshire pud for him and homily pie (leeks, cheddar cheese, herbs and potato pie for me.
The food was stodgy by comparison to French food and we'll miss our baguettes but we think we'll survive!