Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sorrow and Sampling Beers

A bright and sunny day today making things much more inviting for photography.

So we headed to Anne Frank's house early. Guess what - so did everyone else...
This is just part of the queue.  Note to self - book online 2 weeks in advance next time!  So we decided we'd do it.  Took 2 hours to reach the door but am glad we did it.  There are many original things there and to stand in the rooms where those people hid in fear for two years is a feeling I will not forget in a hurry.  I worry that we do not learn from the lessons of the past, especially the persecution of people who follow a different religion to us.  I also worry for the innocent children on Manus Island.  Anyway from there we headed to the Swiss Tourism agent to sort out a train route we want but the queue appeared longer than that for Anne Frank so we skipped it and headed to the library for another sensational lunch.  As we leave on our bike and barge trip tomorrow and were near the docks we thought we'd check out if it had arrived.  Look what we found Deb and Ann. The Iris.
We also found The Fiep
Garrie was looking at these guys.
Liking the look of what will be our home from tomorrow lunchtime we headed off for another depressing museum. This of the Dutch Resistance.  It poses a very interesting question about occupation, do you collaborate, ignore or resist and tells the various stories.  We are so lucky to have the freedoms we have and we should all fight to keep them and to keep prejudice out of our lives. After all this history and the sad stories we needed a drink and our good friend Ann had suggested a brewery near to our apartment.
It's near that windmill
And the beer and snacks are great.
Just after we finished this lot a Dutch couple sat next to us and showed us how to sample Dutch beer
It took Garrie less than 5 minutes
We hit it off well with our new neighbours and were soon talking politics and drinking way too much beer.  They knew a bit about Australia but not the bits we'd be proud of... They headed off to meet their son and we did some cycle watching.  You can carry lots of things on a bike.
Children are regulars and there are often 3 seats to a bike.
We've only seen one adult in a helmet - must have been an Aussie.  This whole family was out and about.
So that's it for today. Though photos were allowed in the 2nd museum they were too sad to take.  Think we all need to feel well blessed that we were born in the right place and to the right religion and have freedoms we so take for granted.  Tomorrow we are off on our biking adventure - stay tuned.