Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Robin Hood and The Fat Rascal

The start of week 4 of our adventure.  We have our final breakfast at The Old House and head, once again, for our now favourite roundabout...through it easily we head north and decide to stop by what must surely be the most famous forest in the world, Sherwood Forest.

The day is hazy and warm again and I'm sporting sunburn!  The Sherwood Forest Nature Reserve seems a little tired and in need of some TLC after the immaculate Warwick Castle but never the less it includes some treasures including a very informative video.
The famous moment when Robin Hood meets Little John on the bridge.
It's a pretty place to walk and the oak trees are ancient and fascinating, to say nothing of the birds and squirrels darting about.
The main event is The Major Oak estimated at up to 1150 years old, so possibly a small tree in the day of Robin Hood, rather than his meeting tree, but it certainly gives you the idea and what this one tree has seen...
It's huge and surrounded by information.
Well worth the short excursion to see.
So onwards to York and the beautiful BnB that we'll call home for the next few days. It's lovely.
We have an ensuite and even an entry way in which we can leave the bags.  So just a short walk to check out York.  It's falling apart...
First stop, (as it's time for afternoon tea), is somewhere several people have raved about
A little of what's on offer.
It's so popular that we opt to skip the queue by eating downstairs which turns out to be a beautiful paneled room.  We order two teas (Betty's own for Garrie and Jasmine Blossom for me) and a couple of things to eat, a rarebit scone for me (cheese scone) and a Fat Rascal fir Garrie (thanks for the tip Richard we owe you one!)
It's all silver service and beautiful presentation and a Fat Rascal is a Yorkshire fruit scone served warm with butter. It's huge - just look at Garrie's hand next to it
Time to walk it off so we took a turn past some of the city walls and gates
And past the magnificent York Minister which transported us back to Notre Dame momentarily and we realized that seemed like years a go not just a few weeks.
York is full of shops selling all sorts and this shop dedicated to cats reminded us of our two who will be grumpy indeed by the time we return.
Full of quaint and tiny alleyways
Pubs and coffee shops, we think we'll enjoy our few days here and it's all walking and a room up 2 flights of stairs so maybe back to Betty's as well... Final photo for today is the very unique "Shambles" where old buildings seem to reach out to touch one another.  See you all tomorrow...xxx