Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Picture Postcard after Picture Postcard

So this morning we woke to bright sunshine. Leaving our lovely cottage what to do? Some photos we'd taken before looked different in the bright sunshine but we loved the moody photos we already had.
Well best go and see Britains highest mountain, Ben Nevis.
At 1344m it is surprisingly smaller than our highest Mt Kosciuszko which us 2228m.  This beautiful view comes when visiting Neptune's Staircase - a set of 8 locks that take boats up 19.5m over a 470m length and takes 1.5 hours to do so. We were lucky enough to see a yacht making her way through.
Very interesting to watch and if bored, there was always Ben Nevis.
So then what?  Well tonight we are staying at Ardgour, and we picked up a map that showed some beautiful places to see as we circled around to our BnB rather than taking the car ferry.  If the one lane road with passing bays had allowed for more stops to take the views then this blog would be 100 foot long today. So sit back and enjoy just a few, including a castle, a seal colony and even a warning about elephants on the road..
More of those weeds..
Spot the seals. Well this one is in the water..
OK I'll go closer for you then.
This one was just splashing around when we stopped for a view photo.
So tonight we are staying at the local Inn
View from the room not so good..
So went outside and took it properly.
Quite fancied this boat.
Oh and this is the view looking the other way.
So tomorrow we leave Scotland and head to The Netherlands. Strangely we both found we had been feeling like our holiday was ending. We do so love Scotland - bank on us returning!