Sunday, 18 May 2014

Off to The Cotswolds, including The Slaughters!

Firstly last night's beer which received a pretty good rating.
And this morning's breakfast, including black pudding, which gained an excellent rating!
Saying goodbye to my sister is never an easy thing. Though we rag each other as if we are still teenagers the love is there and no matter how many years apart I feel the separation every time as deeply.  Hence, though the weather was wonderful outside the car, dampness prevailed inside for quite a few miles.
The run from Devon to The Cotswolds was smooth and at a stop for a bite and some diesel we were very thrilled to find this powering up point!  Our feeling is Australia is lagging well behind I both conservation and the move to renewable energy.
 On to 
A very pretty town but incredibly over run by mad English people intent on enjoying the sunshine as if they may never see it again, (well it has been in the mid 20s for several days...)
It's very pretty when you can get away from people.
On to "The Slaughters", both Upper and Lower. Find out more via this link
Both very lovely and not commercialized like B-on-the-W.  Lower Slaughter first:
Lovely buildings and amazing drystone walls.
Then Upper Slaughter
With friendly locals
So then on through Stow-in-the-Wold, to our home away from home for the next few nights.
Just a young farmhouse dating back to somewhere towards the end of the 1600s. We had booked a dinner in for our first night and this was enjoyed in the garden with the family.
It was a traditional Bulgarian meal as our hostess is originally from Bulgaria.  It started with corn, fresh picked from their garden today and very much enjoyed by young and old
Followed by Teleshko Varena a traditional hot beef soup, served with salad and bread and so delicious I clean forgot to photograph it!  We also enjoyed some rakia - yes very potent and we think it has cured my cough!  Desert was home grown rhubarb cooked with ginger (sorry Mum we loved it) and served with wonderful fresh yoghurt.  We continue to be very spoiled.  Time for a stroll in the immediate area.

So very beautiful and very quiet.  And so almost time for bed. Tomorrow promises more mid 20s style temperatures so I have nothing appropriate to wear for a family luncheon (read I'll probably cook!) but such is life and I do think this horrible cough and cold is at last lifting.  Love to you all wherever you are enjoying life. C and G. Xx