Thursday, 15 May 2014

More Food And A Day on the English Riviera

So with me unwell we decided to stay home for dinner and Chris created a traditional "bubble and squeak" to go with the leftover roast beef - delicious.
I also realized I had failed to photograph the lemon syllabub but thankfully Mum hadn't eaten hers.
Fortunately I haven't lost my appetite.  So to bed.  A bit better today so off on an adventure to the south coast of Devon, also known as "The English Riviera". The weather lived to up the name and Garrie was able to enjoy another English tradition, the Model Village.
Everything you can imagine in miniature including a nudist beach and a house on fire - with real flames.

Quite a bit of humour.

This next one is for Phillip. Are you the one asleep on the bench?
And Garrie finally had some quality time at Stone Henge
And Chris was quite excited by the wishing well.
Great toilet sign

I could include dozens of photos of the model village but hope this gives you a taste.
So then we headed to the cliff tops, some parts of which have ended at the Cliff bottom especially as a result of the recent storms. Sadly a home lost here.
It is fantastic costline and the weather - wow!
There is a cliff railway to the bottom
Lunch included Devn Scrumpy (cider) for Garrie and another pasty that looked the same as the last one.
Always a flag on the foreshore.  Evening found us at the best fish and chip place and Garrie discovered the delights of true English fish and chips (though he has he better chips) oh and don't forget the May peas!
Washed down with alcoholic ginger beer.
We just had time to head to Ilfracombe to meet "Verity". Created by Damien Hirst she is a controversial statue on the sea front. My shots see her s a silhouette due to the fading light but you can see and read more here.
Fishermen enjoying the glorious evening.

I also caught the beautiful sunset over the sea. Nothing new for you Pavo but special for we eastern staters.
And yet still light enough when we reached home for me to snap the first rose of the season in my sister's garden.
Chris and Howard chased around half of Devon looking for night time cold tablets so I could sleep with my grateful thanks. They worked, so better again today and off on more adventures in continuing brilliant weather!