Monday, 26 May 2014

Moods of The Highlands

As mentioned last night, there was a sunset.  This was taken about 9.15pm.
So today. Well the cough I have been trying to shake for over two weeks decided to wake me a few times last night (the vanilla liqueur??) so my energy levels were low and the weather looked a bit mixed so we decided we'd take it easy and drive to a couple of places.  We started at
This is where all the slate came from that can be seen on roofs around here.  A nice little spot and the weather was dry for a walk and some photos
The island is called Eilean Munde, the burial island.
Wild flowers everywhere and picture postcard views.

We also found a 60th birthday present from Garrie's brother and sister-in-law who had entrusted me with some money for the purpose.
Yes it's a flask with Harris tweed cover - dyed, spun, handwoven at the home of the weaver and finished in the outer Hebrides of Scotland. The colour very much matches the cap he bought in Clovelly.
Back to our little home for lunch, Cornish pasties bought in York!  We also enquired about extending our stay here, alas fully booked, but we found another interesting place for Tuesday night so Glasgow has been cancelled and we'll stay here in the Highlands until we leave to catch our flight to Amsterdam.  After lunch we drove to Fort William catching many views with sun and showers changing places regularly.  These tiny houses show the size if the Highlands.

This is Kinlochleven at the end of Loch Leven (that's possibly what it means!)
Clouds down in the valley.
Snow still on the peaks and what about the caravan park at the bottom?
This is Glencoe from the other side of Loch Levin.
Eventually you come round to Loch Linnhe
And head up towards Fort William and Ben Nevis
The clouds were being blankets today.
We didn't find Fort William that exciting but Garrie could not resist "The Whisky Shop" and tastings followed. I tried the first but it brought on my cough so I declined the second, which Garrie loved and the Bonnie lass said she had a cure for my cough.  Ginger Tam's. It's a single malt with ginger and honey turned into a liqueur - so yummy (though obviously only purchased for medicinal purposes). So our Whisky collection is growing. Note mine is 48.5% so I'm sure I'll sleep tonight as I'm sipping it now and it's only 6.40pm!
We raced to the car when we saw this coming and made it in time!
We headed back towards home for a cute cuppa at a cute craft shop
Then the sun came out again and we stopped near a pool in the river Coe.
Just look how clear the water is.
And so to home and the cure, sip, for my, hic, couffle and dinnerberrypie and bye bye now by ubies...hic