Monday, 19 May 2014

M roads, Sheftey Cameras and More Family Fun

We had a lovely lazy Sunday morning start and were provided with a wonderful continental breakfast by our hosts.  Tim also gave us some fascinating history about his family and the house. As he was doing this I was eating an English muffin.  Not sure how many if you know but I am the proud owner of a clip-in false tooth. Just before we left Australia I was eating something that pulled it out and as I bit down I heard a crack, but was sooo thankful to find it still whole.  Well today the muffin finished the job. So there is Tim waxing lyrical to us and another couple who were also staying and I'm trying to look interested whilst trying to carefully and without others noticing, remove the tooth and its support piece which had now parted company.  I did not dare swallow!  I managed it. I guess the gap will have to stay until we return but you might find I now has a "best" side.

This is our bedroom window - what a mix of history and technology.
So a drive through Stratford, more to see later or tomorrow perhaps, and we headed to a family lunch NW of Birmingham.  
We have a great GPS system and I may have told you that we have downloaded a very Sean Connery like Scottish voice.  Our route today took us skipping from one motorway (M road) to another. These included the 40, 42, 5, 6 and 54 and as Sean would tell you there are many Sheftey cameras on motor ways.  If we heard  a bong bong followed by him saying "Attention Sheftey camera." Once we heard it a hundred times. Thank goodness for that sexy voice ( Translation = safety).

We were a little early arriving and noticed a nearby game of Cricket 

When you are away almost 20 years at a time so much changes. One minute you are playing scalextric with your cousin, next time he has kids, then they are having kids and now who is this guy with the grey hair and surely I haven't aged at all?  It was great to have time with so much family and we were thirteen for lunch at a lovely pub that my Dad and uncle had frequented in their time.

So Garrie had roast beef and more Yorkshire pud - again
I had roast honey ham and parsley sauce and took the photos before the plates of veg arrived.
For dessert Garrie had bread and butter pudding and cream
And I had choc fudge lumpy bumpy cake this time both taken before the cream arrived.
Oh and an important family member,Herbie, also came along. Though almost 10 he has never been left home alone.
Herbie Is a little trooper.
Plenty of laughter and a group photo 
then back to 2nd cousin Emma's for tea and coffee and a few casual photos not all of which appear here.
Oh and one of my 3rd cousins is dating a chap that she says she meet before he started to work for Bentley!
Dave was a bit taken aback to find my Auntie behind the wheel.
So time to say farewell and head back to the Cotswolds. It proved to be an interesting journey back.  First this is what the M6 looks like in gridlock
A minor accident created this problem, then we added to the time by having to tackle what we now call "the roundabout from hell" 3 times.  This roundabout has 5 exits and 3 sets of traffic lights.  Yes you read that correctly.  We think this might be it.
In England roundabouts have very specific lanes and you need to be them and Sean was telling us exit 5 and I'd seen the road number and Garrie was about to get it right when I saw a place name I thought right and we overshot the runway. Well, long story to short, we took three attempts to get it right, with Garrie almost over shooting two red lights and police cars screaming through on two occasions but for someone doing something even worse thankfully.

So we now decided a drink was in order so we reset Sean to take us to
A quaint and award winning, (for its food), pub just a couple of miles from home.  However before reaching it we went from A roads to B roads and almost lost our ability to do a simple right hand turn without a roundabout!  We were also dashing down close to single track lanes with high hedges and the lowering sun was not helping!
Finally we arrived at the village of Ebrington and it is well worth a visit. Full of quaint thatched places.
And the pub itself which dates back to the 1600s
Garrie has to mind his head.
Garrie chose the local cider and I hAd a G and T and then the menu caught our eye.  Just a main course and it was fantastic food that the camera did not capture well. Garrie had a lamb dish
And I went for roasted leek and potato
We love their fireplace.
And so we headed home, snapping a couple more shots, despite it being 20 to 9 at night, including a sunset over the hedgerow.  Bye until the morrow! Xxx