Thursday, 22 May 2014

House of the Trembling Madness, A pianist with dessert and sunset on the Ouse.

When we arrived at our BnB our host suggested a place we might like to try:
What led her to think a place that sells almost every beer known to man and is named for what we now commonly call the DTs heaven knows... Anyway tonight we went to take a look.  Downstairs is the bottle shop section - very literally
Upstairs is a very unique pub with just a few tables in this 1400s building.
Unique seats
And animal skins draped for comfort. This poor badger was on part of Garrie's seat.
We decided on sparkling cider to drink. Only 5.6%.
And we ordered a Yorkshire Platter between us. Heaven and the way we really love to eat. Took us back to our Paris picnics.
Here is a description and we think we might try more in the next day or two..
Want to know more about this unique spot?
So what to do for dessert?  Only one place to go - Betty's!  No queue, a window seat and a pianist - how good is this!
Today I tried the china rose petal tea
Garrie went for Betty's again and a rhubarb crumble
Mum, just for you, I had a chocolate eclair - delicious!
Now something we learned about Betty's from our host and from Ian this morning is that they were popular with airmen stationed here in WW2. (Betty's has been here since 1919) and downstairs they have mirrors that the airmen used to scratch messages in before flying out on a mission. They didn't know if they would be returning.  Very poignant and a treasured part of Betty's.
And so a walk home along the Ouse towards the sunset with geese swimming down to greet us.
At home another view of the beautiful sunset.
And so goodnight from York. Love to you all. Xxx