Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Great Friends

Today we went to lunch with friends of mine from my days of consulting to IBM.  Navin and I first met in Singapore and then worked together pioneering business-to-business direct marketing in India. I met his wife Dama there and their lively son Keshav.  We became firm friends and today I finally delivered on the threat I had made to visit them when they moved to the UK 15 or so years ago.

Garrie and I set off on the underground! changing at Baker Street for our trip to the outskirts of London.

For a moment Garrie became Watson, (come on, with a maiden name of Holmes, I have to be Sherlock!).

Navin picked us up at Amersham and drove us through beautiful English countryside to their lovely home where we sat in their garden enjoying a drink and some delicious starters, watching the red kites fly overhead.
Then we headed in for.a delicious Indian/Italian lunch and the combination of dishes was fantastic.  Dessert was "Eton Mess" (thanks Charoo, great idea), which is from the famous college of the same name and is a combination of meringue, cream and strawberries. Dama has added a special twist by adding ginger biscuits and/or brownie pieces.  Delicious!  Sadly too busy eating to take photos.  Then we went for a drive to Marlow and Maidenhead.

Garrie saw his first lock.

This statue commemorates four young people from Maidenhead who lost their lives whilst on a school skiing excursion to the Alps.

Almost 7 hours flashed by in what seemed like minutes and soon we were training our way back to Bayswater.  Thank you Dama and Navin for a lovely day of excellent food, laughter and great company. We'll be back...