Friday, 16 May 2014

From the English Riviera to Little Switzerland

UI'm thinking not from the perspective of mountain height but certainly from beauty. This is a walk through Lynton and Lynmouth in North Devon. What you see in the background is sea mist.
Just before the magnificent view above is this local cricket pitch, voted the most picturesque cricket ground in the UK. The white on the grass is a layer of daisies and the goats are wild.
So off we go on roughly a 7 mile walk, (just over 11 km).

The views along the Cliff walk are simply stunning.
The goats live dangerously.
This is Countisbury, the highest cliff in England.
Looking down into Lynmouth.  
Hmm check out the "beach". Could we why the English say they are going to the seaside, rather than the beach.
Some of the largest tidal movements occur here.  Once we reached the bottom Garrie enjoyed yet another English delicacy - clotted cream ice cream with clotted cream on the top.
This is, without doubt, the best ice cream we have ever tasted!
We walked up the river to Watersmeet and it was such a beautiful walk, though longer and steeper at times than Chris and Howard remembered. It is also the location of a very sad event in 1952 when a flood took homes and 34 lives. We visited the museum which tells the story, but on such a beautiful day it is hard to imagine. You can find out more here
Surprisingly the water a wasn't as cold as I thought it might be and we all caught the sun.
Salmon run here though these fishermen didn't catch anything as we passed by.
At Watersmeet - waters meet. The waterfalls are just sensational.
We enjoyed a light lunch here before heading back and rather than take the cliff walk again we used the cliff railway that has been operating here since 1888. It operates by water! At the top a tank is filled with water that creates the weight to take the car to the bottom, the car at the bottom releases its water to return to the top. All the water is reused. They were better at sustainability in 1888....
And so back home to prepare for a very special night out. Chris and Howard can't make the wedding so this was our wedding treat and it was simply sensational! The Coach House is part of a stunning property.
Garrie joined Howard in a San Miguel beer - his absolute favourite to date - alas it comes from Spain!
Garrie chose the pork belly starter with hogs pudding, celeriac, apple and barbecue sauce.
I chose the Coach House Smoked Duck ham and leg - yolk, chip, brown sauce jus and "quackling"
For mains Garrie went lamb loin - flageolet bean purée, tomato chutney and sweet breads
Lamb sweetbreads are thymus and parathymus glands found in the neck and above the heart of a young lamb. They have a delicate flavour with a smooth, soft texture...  I opted for grey mullet - Lundy crab, potato and leeks and brown crab bisque.
And oh yes we managed dessert.. Garrie the apple and plum crumble with clotted cream ice cream
I chose Warm Chocolate - frozen chocolate, crispy pistachio's, sesame seed tuille. Amazing.
Chris and Howard also had sensational meals but we thought ours enough to send you crazy. A fantastic place! We left very happy people.
When we arrived home we put Mum in charge of the camera and she'd clearly been drinking more than we had. (Oh it was very much Mum who has sent us off on our own, insisting her two daughters had time together - thanks Mum we love you, but today you are coming out.)
And finally I forgot yesterday's beer. A local and "ok".
Phew what a day! Absolutely fantastic!