Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Farewell London. Hello Wales.

So War Horse.  Amazing.  Puppetry hard to describe but not a dry eye in the house it was so good.  So glad we paid the money and so many more shows we want to come back and see. Garrie continued his search for a good English beer. Great name for this one but still lousy beer.

Today dawned with a mix of blue sky and cloud and we packed up and said goodbye to the Cleveland Hotel, which was an excellent place to stay.

Then off to the wonderful tube.  Oh and I forgot a story yesterday. We'll 2 really. Now that Garrie is 60 we are able to gain a concession entry to things so that's saving a few pounds here and there, however when on the tube a young man gave me his seat which I thought quite charming until I spotted it was a seat designated to the disabled, pregnant mums and those who are less able to stand. Surely those chocolate eclairs haven't made me look pregnant!

Found our hire car in Russell Square and asked the Hertz guy if it was easy to drive out of London. He simply said "no".  He was right. 

Love the tiny cars.
The Ritz.
It took over an hour and once we found the motorway we stopped at the service centre for much needed coffee and food. Garrie drove magnificently in trying conditions, (though is still turning on the wipers to turn left lol) and the GPS we purchased before leaving Oz we love!

We also love our diesel Kia Carens.  It's brand new, has plenty of room and Garrie says it's a joy to drive.  Oh and he also says it's either fantastic on fuel or the fuel gauge is broken.

We hadn't pre booked for Stone Henge, which they now require, but had expected to be able to at least stop and look from a distance - we'll forget that!  It's a fast moving main road going past, though we did see it and it seemed as if it may take a while to circle round to the car park and we suspected that would be for ticket holders only, plus one of the few passing showers hit at about that time, so after our passing glimpse we decided to head on to Wales.

Our route now took us through Bath and our original ETA of 5pm was blown away by gridlock there.  "We'll at least you'll be clean." Quipped our hostess via text. And also Garrie did get to see a bit more at the slower pace!

Finally safe at our Welsh accommodation.  High standards for you to meet Sue.
Even War Horse on the wall.  About to eat a scrumptious English breakfast. See you soon.