Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Farewell Bonny Scotland Hello Amsterdam

Starting with last night's dinner, (sorry Gai more food). Garrie ordered haddock and chips and was delighted when this arrived.
It was yummy as was my Scottish salmon with herb crust and lemon sauce in a pink bucket. (Thought of you Jazzy.)
For anyone interested this also shows the route we took yesterday from Fort William and around the very long way to Ardgour.
Up early and enjoyed a cooked brekkie which was included in our accommodation charge. I went for smoked haddock and poached egg which took me back to childhood suppers. Garrie declared his bacon the best he had tasted so far (sorry Michael). No time for the drive around so we took the car ferry across.
Grandad says you would love it Ayden.
This is a photo I took a few days ago and shows the Inn we stayed in last night on the left.
Garrie has done a marvelous job of driving these narrow roads.  Even on the more main roads signs like this appear for narrow stone bridges that have been left in place.
Going back through the Glencoe pass was awesome.
No traffic queues on Loch Lomond this time. It goes on forever.
We dropped the car at the airport and for those interested in the saga of the £1000 excess we were only charged £405 - so glad I didn't pay the £461 to eliminate the excess! Also our travel insurance will pick up all but $250 so all good for our connection with that vicious wall. :-). Too many hours at Glasgow airport but I'd been able to organize a free Priority Pass membership for Garrie so at least it was spent somewhere nice and this blog was organized to this point. Oh I should also mention this was a red letter day for Garrie who, for the first time, made it through airport security without setting off the alarms. On one occasion he had to go back at least 5 times, removing belt, watch and almost everything before being allowed through.  This time I set them off but a pat down by a lady and I was good to go.  Onwards to Amsterdam.
Our host had left us the keys at the airport and he'd sent us a photo of our destination and how to get there. We've arrived to a grey and damp evening but our apartment is very cute and tomorrow is yet another day of adventure, but for now, sleep.  Night night.