Saturday, 24 May 2014

Faitte Gu Alba - Welcome to Scotland!

Let's start with our final night in York and we thought it was going to be very wet.
Thankfully the storm went around us. This morning dawned grey but dry and after breakfast we headed off on what was to be over 7 hours in the car to reach Glencoe. (Almost 500km). Given the distance we decided we wouldn't stop at Hadrian's wall, so it's for a future trip.  As we travelled the temperature dropped from 13 to 12 to 11 and then 9 at Cumbria not even in Scotland yet. We travelled through beautiful Heriot style country. Cloud so low we felt we could touch it.  
We love the dry stone walls and sheep and a remarkable number of twin lambs to be seen.
Blue sky and sunshine greeted us on the A66 south of Carlisle and the temp went back up to 14.  York was still with us as we nibbled on the ginger biscuit bike from Betty's and ate our chocolate creations.
At 11.15am we crossed into Scotland. 13 degrees.
 First stop
A quick wedding (you don't mind if we skip that do in August do you?) and then we passed 
Lockerbie where our laughter about Gai having a heart attack that we might really have wed at Greta Green turned to sadness for the little town now known across the world for all the wrong reasons. I was last in Scotland 1968... 46 years ago. Wasn't I cute?!
I know this because on our 1967 holiday it rained every day.  In 1968 my Dad gave Scotland a second chance but as we crossed the border the rain started. Dad turned the car around and took us to Cornwall for our holiday and never came back.  So far no rain this trip.  As we'd been driving a while we needed loos and food so stopped by the most famous Scottish restaurant.
Yes we know but it was quick and we wanted to just get to our destination. Trust me we suffered - holiday Saturday and everyman and his dog was in the services.  We were amused by "Caution high risk of deer on road" - we were passing Glasgow at the time!  
We met with a few hold ups around Loch Lomond as this is a holiday weekend but everything kept moving until we hit roadwork, 
but if you have to be stuck in a queue I can't think of anywhere better to do it. 
As we came closer to our destination Garrie really became excited
Yes that's snow!
Though deep into Scotland and the highlands we had perfect mobile phone signal - go figure.
Our new oasis is wonderful
I'm sitting in that right hand chair now, sipping my vanilla liqueur and Garrie is beside me drinking his 23 year old single malt and this is our view
Yes cancel the rest of the trip we'll be happy to stay here for a month thanks!  Before settling to our evening tipple we drove into Glencoe for some supplies - it's a unique little place.
And includes the memorial to the Glencoe Massacre
Once back we took the ten minute stroll to our local pub though some OK scenery...
We found a seat and stayed for dinner so Garrie could try
Yes that stuff in the middle is haggis and tasty it is too. I do admit we ordered a chicken and leek pie as well, in case, but sadly I was left to eat that.
It seems the Scots aren't keen on green veg, but at least the rumour that everything is deep fried is exaggerated!

So if you'll excuse me I have a rather lovely drink to sip on and a sunset to watch. Well it's only 9pm so it will be a while yet as it doesn't properly disappear until 10pm up here and it comes back again at 4am!  Oh and the temperatures are pleasant - a light jumper only so far!  "See" you all tomorrow. Xxx