Saturday, 10 May 2014

Faggots and Photogenic Boys

Saying a tearful farewell to our lovely Welsh friends, (thank you so much Liny & Mike), we headed up the very picturesque Wye Valley and our first stop was Tintern Abbey.  Founded in 1131 and now, though a shadow of it's original self, still an amazing sight.

From Tintern we travelled on to the town of Monmouth, home to the remains of the castle where Henry V was born, but there was greater excitement to be had there. Garrie continued his search for a wonderful UK beer - this time a Welsh Smooth
Nope!  However this quaint pub 
Did produce the pub meal of the trip to date - Welsh faggots

Though made from off cuts (usually pork) they are delicious!  On to Cousin Sue who owns an amazing converted barn, and her super photogenic son, Daniel.  Greeted with a champagne afternoon tea (Mo√ęt no less) - so yes it's still all about the food.

We so laughed at the choc coated strawberries (equal to those we devour in Oz - hey Wicked Berries maybe we've found your UK outlet!).  After devouring way too much we decided a walk was very much needed.  As always we found ourselves knee deep in glorious British countryside. It is indeed a green and pleasant land and Daniel kept us entertained.

Bluebells flowering all over the place.
And these two have become firm friends

Sue is a magnificent cook and just look at this for our starters
Followed by a beautiful chicken and mushroom dish, then chocolate mousse, then port and cheese. There is a set of scales in our bathroom here - I am going to totally ignore them!  Oh and you can see we have had plenty of sunshine so very happy with the weather so far.  We both have scratchy throats and a night time cough - probably to do with Airconditioning, alcohol and too much talking lol.  Love to you all, breakfast awaits so the food safari continues.....