Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Coughing, vicious walls and the seaside.

Sadly the scratchy throat has turned into the cough of the century.  Our last breakfast with cous Sue was very noisy after i stupidly tried to eat a croissant.  My voice has almost disappeared (much to the joy of some!). So not a great start to the day and then made very much worse by Sue's vicious wall jumping out and biting the car as we were leaving.
Ironically we had just been joking about the £1000 excess on the vehicle!  They had offered to waive it for £18.50 a day which amounted to over £400 so I had said no that our travel insurance would cover it. So now the test. Thankfully it does so what might have been an expensive clash is not so bad.
So onwards from Sue's towards my sister's place in Southern England.  We stopped for lunch in Tiverton in Somerset and in every town there is history worth a quick photo.

We wanted one thing reasonably light for lunch and found Garrie' first UK pasty.

He enjoyed it very much. Then, after gathering honey, lemons and various cough medications, it was off to my sister Chris.  They live in a beautiful seaside village - quite "Doc Martin" like.
My sister, her husband on the left and her son on the right and I can't recall the name of the other chap.
On our way back from our walk we stopped at the local watering hole which is made up of 13s, 52 windows and 4s just like a pack of cards. Garrie tried "Lady of the Lake" but...
The Butty Bach is still the winner to date. Home for a glorious meal of home made roast beef and Yorkshire pud followed by lemon syllabub. Delicious!

So today I am staying home as I coughed most of the night and just want to get rid of this horrid cough.  Garrie taking the camera so there will still be a blog tomorrow.