Monday, 12 May 2014

Bluebells, Country Lanes and Frozen

We have been so spoiled. Here's our current luxury accommodation.  It's a converted barn.
The property was apple orchard and there are three converted barns in all.

And this is the original house.
So today we headed out for a walk and a picnic. The countryside is beautiful 
And the country lanes make for interesting driving.
We are so lucky that the bluebells are everywhere in the woods.
Plenty of fun in the forest.

And a fantastic picnic with more English goodies for Garrie - scotch eggs
And pork pie
And then home for a break and home made hot chocolate
As for "frozen", we have had sunshine every day, even if for only for a short time, but today was only 12 degrees so yes, we did find ourselves a little "frozen" so with our hot chocolate we watched the movie we felt most appropriate.
In the evening we headed out to a beautiful pub
Garrie decided cider was the order of the day so ordered and enjoyed an "Old Rosie" whilst Sue and I shared a delicious alcoholic ginger beer know as "Crabbies". I think we have probably drunk as much in the past two weeks as we have in the previous two years!
And, of course, there was more food. Now this is a lamb shank!
And these are onion rings
As with many of these pub,there is history and we had to take this sign
The evening ended back at Sue's with a beautiful rhubarb vodka.  Thanks so much to my beautiful cousins for a wonderful few days. We hate to leave but we are also looking forward to seeing my sister and reuniting with Mum.
Now where did that spider come from?