Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bike and Barge Day 5 - Antwerp to Dendermonde.

Before I went to bed last night I had already decided that I would not ride today.  Though the strong meds are helping to dry out the headcold I am getting very tired and still have this cough, though I'm told it sounds as if it's loosening up...hmm think I heard that about 4 weeks ago.  Anyway a good decision as today it is raining.  There is a choice of ride length, 30 or 55km, and I'm thinking that the 17 who went (yes only 5 stayed behind including 1 who isn't riding at all), will join us at the first stop.  Garrie left the cabin saying he would stay if it was still raining but he must have been talked into going.

I hope he sees something good though as he didn't take the camera or his iPad I'm afraid photos will be few.  I'll keep my eyes peeled if not sleeping - so far just a wet Antwerp so didn't bother.  It's a shame as this was meant to be a very pretty day riding along the Schelde.

Oh I keep forgetting to say to those I usually play scrabble with I just can't get this connection to lock into it, so sorry it will have to wait.

So on the way we pass a couple of interesting vessels. This one we thought was sinking.
With water lapping into it, it certainly looked as if it was. Our Captain (Bert) assured us it's a dredger and not sinking at all. Note also the vehicle on the back. The majority of barges we pass include a vehicle.  
This one is working with two barges joined as one.
Those doing the shorter trip rejoin the barge halfway in Temse and Garrie is one of them
Not sure Bonnie and Egor look that happy but they choose to continue.
As do most continue all the way to Dendermonde.  The 5 who boarded were soon under hot showers and drying out.  If you are wondering what we are looking at from the barge it varies. A lot of greenery.
Some factories and homes and even the odd Church.
This could also be a good time to show you some of the boat and the people who run it.  Well this is Ruth, a passenger in our lounge room.
And Doug on the same table I'm working on.
More lounge area.
The bar
Part of our dining room.
Our chef, Ima (right) and her helper Marjo
Our Captain Bert and his helper Petra.
So at about 3pm we dock and the cyclists arrive but with the sad news that two of our riders have been taken to hospital. One took a wide berth around a truck which was stopped and hit the kerb and went down and the rider behind her could not avoid riding across her and also falling.  They are still at the hospital with one undergoing more tests but it seems likely it will be just stitches and bruising but they are checking for concussion etc.

Dinner was wonderful as usual and so now to bed. I do feel better for resting and think I'll do the same tomorrow. A bit disappointing but at least the chance to get rid of thing whilst still allowing Garrie to enjoy. Love and hugs to you all. Xxx