Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bike and Barge Day 3 - Dordrecht to Tholen.

A 43km bike ride today but over breakfast the barge cruises on to Willemstaad, an old fortified town on the Haringvliet where we start.  Love some of the gable decorations.
Roof top terraces also popular.
And there's that church we walked to last night.
We cruise long open stretches of water.
To Willemstad, a gorgeous little village.
So we start out by checking out Willemstad.
Just love the homes on the small canals.  The Dutch are very house proud but the kids are cheeky...
Lots of trees are worked into patterns and also espaliered to help with shade.
This is one of the oldest churches.
And this was once the home of someone in the Royal family.
Also love the flowers on the houses and this is Jerry who is marrying Larry in August.
I should tell you that there are 22 passengers on board. 2 Aussies (us), a Mexican lady, 4 Canadians and 15 Americans, 10 of whom are from the same street in Minneapolis. (Including Jerry and Larry). It's thanks to Jerry I uploaded day 1.  I also have Bonnie and Dan to thank for feeling a bit better today as they've given me some heavy duty cold pills so fingers crossed. I should also say congrats to Garrie who has now done his second 40+ ride and yesterday was his first 50+. He's currently snoring on the bed!   Couldn't resist this swallows nest near the bikes.
And loved this sign as we approached a corner. (Guess what was around it!)
Lunch was taken in Dinteloord
Where they have everything but public loos.
They even have crazy street names.
In fact public loos seem almost non-existent in The Netherlands.  I popped into a supermarket and asked about it (great thing just about everyone speaks English here ) and the manager directed a staff member to take me to the staff toilet. How amazing is that!  We continue on to Steembergen which is dominated by this church.
We have a cuppa and look up and even the general streets have interesting facades.
To be honest I don't know where the next one was taken but it was today.
Speaking if the cuppa - this was new to us.  A disposable tea infuser.
Another thing we have noticed a lot if is ships in windows, so I took one today.
We ride along and finally arrive in Tholen.  Some have gone for a town walk but I'm resting as I'm hoping to ride again tomorrow.  I realise that New Zealand was probably named for this area and
Tholen was once an island in the middle of the large Zeeland streams, where many people fished for their living. Now it is connected to the mainland in several ways but it remains very picturesque with many relics of an eventful past.  Until tomorrow... Well wifi permitting.