Friday, 2 May 2014

A Food Feast

This trip was always going to be about food and we've indulged from the start!  We've already blogged about yesterday's lunch so let's move on to the wonderful ice cream shop that makes ice cream into flowers!

Then we created a supper ifrom our local food market

Enjoying it on our terrace with the view

We kept some of the baguette for breakfast this morning, only to find French bread sticks turn into something you could beat someone to death with if left overnight.  Still we created a great brekkie to enjoy in the sunshine after we enjoyed 11 hours of sleep.

After breakfast we headed to the Place Maubert Mutualite market.  Our info tells us this is a typical French small outdoor market and we certainly thought we'd died and gone to heaven!

We went round everything twice and came home with this feast for tonight's supper, well maybe a couple of days worth...including fois gras, quiche, raspberry tart and artichokes.

And, of course, another baguette

Oh and Garrie also tried his first French beer today.  His verdict "very nice."

Fortunately we are working it all off!  There are 132 steps from the street to our lounge room and it's steep as you can tell from these photos.  Yesterday we went up and down three times and did the same today.

And today we think we walked about 15km around the city, but that will all have to wait fir the next post...