Saturday, 31 May 2014

A day in Bruges - beer and chocolates!

So after breakfast and plenty of hugs for the new family we made in the past seven days
we leave our floating home and make our way to our hotel to offload our bags and to explore more of this beautiful place.  I have huge admiration for the cyclists that ride the cobbles as I'm pooped dragging my bag over them. The cold is improved but I'm still coughing at night. Hoping it will all be gone in the next couple of days.  So yesterday I promised you waffles - we'll here's one I had yesterday.
Yummy with just icing sugar and butter, but you can have every toping imaginable.  To be honest I'm more interested in the chocolate and I had a very neat hot chocolate with this waffle.
That's how it arrived and the kit included a great stick with a cube of chocolate to melt in the hot milk.
Of course, Belgium is famous for chocolate, but what I didn't know was that they make just about everything imaginable with it.
Yup excuse? I took this before I realised what they were...Moving right along they also make great ice cream
And great beer
Still the main attraction is this wonderful town which we have wandered around in today and which we are now enjoying from our hotel. This is our view and the bells are ringing - a wedding perhaps?
Here are some of the photos I took today 
Horse drawn carriages are a popular way to see Bruges. We didn't (well most of you know happens when I tangle with large four legged animals...)
Just a point of interest. In both the Netherlands and Belgium, pillows are small soft square things.
Finally a shot of me doing what I am mostly doing (thanks Doug). Tomorrow we are off to Brussels for the night, (we'll take the train in the morning) and then we're in Venice! Bye all. Xx

Bike and Barge Day 7 - Ghent to Bruges

So our last day to cycle so I decide to climb on the bike again.  We start out by moving the barge a bit closer to Bruge and go past some interesting barges and through some lovely countryside.  Also it is a beautiful day again.
The houses have also improved today. This was typical and they seemed to get bigger as we moved closer to Bruge.
So we pull in and start our 22km ride to Bruge along beautiful bike paths next to the river.
There is still a lot of evidence of the Second World War with German fortifications and bunkers evident. This monument remembers a battle for a bridge between the Germans and the Canadians.
Bruge is just a beautiful town with photo opportunities everywhere you look.
Great excitement when we discover that this town is the first we have found with loos
We see these boats and decide to take a ride
With new friends Bonnie and Dan.
As we cruise along we understand why Bruges is called the Venice iof the North and is considered the most beautiful of all Flemish cities. The old centre dates from the Middle Ages and is almost completely intact.  This is the Town Hall.
And here are a few more amazing buildings.
We also visit The Church if our Lady.  The tower is 122m high and us the highest brick tower in the world.
It also includes Micheangelo's Madonna and child, also featured in the movie, The Monuments Men.  It is absolutely breathtaking.
The rest of the church is also lovely.
So that's just about it for the boat and barge. Dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow then we stay another day in Bruges at a hotel when I'll fill you all in on the chocolate, beer and waffles of Belgium.  Bye for now,