Saturday, 12 April 2014

What's this blog about?

It's the story of a journey.  It's been over 12 months in the making.  The loss of some good friends to ill health reminded us that life is short and not a dress rehearsal and with Garrie's 60th birthday on the horizon I asked:

"If you could celebrate your birthday any where in the world, where would that be."

It didn't take long for the answer. "Paris!"

So basing the trip around Paris the deliberations of what to include began.  With relatives in England we couldn't leave the old country out and with Garrie's Scottish heritage we included a visit to Glencoe and Glasgow.  With our love of cycling, a bike and barge trip seemed obvious so that added Amsterdam, (The Netherlands) and Bruges (Belgium) to the itinerary.  Venice, Italy was also on the bucket list and having looked at walking trips around Lake Como, Bellagio was booked.  Garrie has never seen snow falling, (and sadly is unlikely to see it falling on this trip either), however the mountains of Switzerland had to be included.  To rest up on the way home we also decided to stop for a few nights in Dubai - so that will make for an incredible contrast.

As we stroll through Europe it will be a magic trip for us both.  I am very lucky to have experienced a lot of international travel, some for pleasure but mostly for work but we are visiting several places I have never been to, or went to when I was a small child.  I will so enjoy it too, through the eyes of Garrie who will be utterly gobsmacked by all he sees.  Garrie has only been out of Australia twice, once to New Zealand when he was about 16, and once on a Pacific Island cruise when he was 22, so he'll be running around with mouth and eyes both wide open!

Though there are trains, planes and automobiles involved, we do intend to stroll and gently cycle.  This will not be a hectic rush between tourist spots, but more of a meander to experience the culture and particularly the food!

Our good friend Tina asked for, (no, demanded), this blog so we hope you enjoy it.  I may enter a post daily, or maybe just by location, and all will depend on time, energy and internet availability.  Though we have chosen places with free wifi - we all know - there is wifi and there is wifi.... This should be the only post with loads of text - it's going to be a photographic journey!

Please add your comments to let us know you are reading along and with any questions you might have.  You can check our itinerary and trip map at any time as they are available on separate pages.  Also sign up for email notification of new posts and you'll always know when there is something new to see.

The adventure starts on April 29th.  Enjoy our journey - we will!