Thursday, 1 May 2014

Paris in Spring Time

We have arrived! We lost count of the hours, but about 33 point to point and we made it to our Parisian apartment. It has the character of it's 400 years and the 5 flights of stairs to reach it will improve our fitness for sure.  The view from the terrace is so worth it!

And just to prove we are here

Notice the short sleeves.  We were set for cold but today has been very warm with sun all morning, and though the clouds have now rolled in the rain is staying away.  So we left our suitcases and headed out to the streets.  We live in a fascinating area, filled with restaurants, apartments and history.

With only a short walk to Notre Dame, we thought we'd tackle that today, and stopped for lunch at this restaurant opposite - lunch with a view

We enjoyed pate, avocado, shrimps, lamb and fish with chocolate mousse and apple tart to finish off.  Very yummy.

What can you say about Notre Dame?  The history is difficult to get your head around, given it was started in the 12th century and not completed until the 14th.  Here are a few of our pics:

Yes Gai he's looked like this since we arrived!

The bells ring out regularly and we can enjoy them from here on our terrace. We are sitting writing this with fresh brewed coffee and tea and we went to a local market and bought fresh bread, cheeses, pate and a bottle of red which will will enjoy as the sun sets. We'd dreamed of doing this for so long and it's finally here!

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