Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Are We There Yet?

What a change of scenery.  A few days before leaving I was picking salad from our veggie patch and watched four yellow-tailed black cockatoos flying overhead, screeching to each other and swooping around the trees.  I picked a choko and on it was a tiny green frog who really didn't want to be moved from his perch and the king parrots were also in full voice.  Now what I hear is people, PA announcements and the hum of airconditioning.  There are plants in this lounge but I suspect they may be plastic to survive the atmosphere.

So we stared in the Qantas Club lounge in Coffs. A new experience for Garrie, but as a life member it was nice to be using the benefits again for me.  

Sydney was a quick stop as by the time we had a walk and tackled customs, it was time to board the 14 hour flight to Dubai. Now at the risk of sounding like Bob Carr I must say I miss Business Class. (I was fortunate to do my business travel that way in the 1990s.  Mind you I just about lived on planes then and worked as soon as I landed!) I think a contortionist sardine might be the way I feel after 14 hours in economy.

There was plenty to praise about the flight.  Toilets kept clean, food pretty good, especially the Weiss ice cream, and the entertainment systems are much improved from the 1990s. Movies in demand are good. I started and rejected 2 but then enjoyed The Monument Men and Saving Mr Banks.  Garrie chose Castaway, which starts with a plane crash!!!

As a we cruised at 38,000 feet at 900kph we did get some broken sleep, disturbed by minor turbulence and unhappy children.  I had wondered what the pillow was for until I decided perhaps it might be handy for harassed Mum's to smoother their children. (Just kidding).  Garrie had his nose to the window whilst there was daylight and was intrigued by the plane camera that showed take off, landing and cruising through the clouds. Grandad says Ayden would have loved it!

On arrival in Dubai we deposited Mum in the "Special Handling Lounge". What an appropriate name - my Mum definitely needs special handling lol!  We saw her heading back to her flight to London and are now enjoying a couple of hours of luxury in the Emirates Business Class Lounge.  

The red eyes tell a story!  Garrie says one of his favourite things about the lounge is the heated toilet seats!  So now a short wait, about an 8 hour flight, and the next post will come to you from Paris!